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Author: Dr. Smita Ramanadham

What Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

Breast augmentation can help you achieve larger, fuller breasts for a more attractive figure. It is also a common surgery for women who’ve had breast cancer and subsequent mastectomies, as breast implants can replace the removed breast tissue. Regardless of the reason you are interested in...

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What to Look for in Chin Lipo Before and After Photos

When it comes to plastic surgery, before and after photos can seem like a dime a dozen. Of course the patients look better in their “after” photos, right? What plastic surgeon would put a poor side-by-side comparison on their website? Still, before and after side-by-sides do have value....

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How to Find the Perfect Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Looking for top breast augmentation surgeons near you? Whenever you are considering a cosmetic procedure of any kind, it is important to choose the right surgeon. This is certainly true for breast augmentation. As with any serious procedure, breast augmentation comes with risks, and you want to know...

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Ultimate Breast Augmentation Blog

When considering any form of cosmetic surgery, careful consideration should be given, and thorough research of the procedure is essential. Changing your body significantly carries risks and could permanently affect your self-image. However, breast augmentation is one of the most satisfactory plastic...

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What’s the Best Way to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

POV, sleep after breast augmentation: As you return home after breast augmentation surgery, you may be excited to start your recovery process. You’ve stocked up on medication, groceries, and entertainment to keep you occupied during the healing period. However, the thought of sleeping on your...

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What Is the Breast Augmentation Recovery Process?

Breast augmentation surgery is the only way to enhance breast size or shape. Many women desire breast augmentation surgery to achieve the breast size and fullness they have always wanted, particularly those who have wished for larger breasts since their teenage years or after having children. As...

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What Are the Safest Implants in 2022?

If you want to increase your breast size, breast augmentation may be an ideal choice. However, you might have read online about potential risks with breast implants, such as rupture or implant movement. Most plastic surgeons field questions about breast implant safety all the time, as people wonder...

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