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Author: Dr. Smita Ramanadham

Man Chest Fat vs Gynecomastia: How to Tell the Difference

Chest fat vs gynecomastia: How can you tell which one you have? Do you need gynecomastia surgery for either one? Can you get rid of gynecomastia with diet and exercise? Before we answer these questions one by one, we must clarify exactly what gynecomastia is … and what it isn’t. What...

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How to Get Gynecomastia Surgery Covered by Insurance

Gynecomastia is a common condition among males, in which there is excess skin and glandular breast tissue around the pectoral region of the chest. This excess skin and tissue is often unpleasant for men who would prefer a more masculine physique. Gynecomastia surgery can correct this issue by excising...

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How to Calculate the Cost of Liposuction

According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the average cost of liposuction performed on one area by an average American plastic surgeon is about $3,600. Unfortunately, many patients visit the ASPS website and misunderstand this cost estimate as an exact price. This is because the...

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Different Types of Liposuction Available

Do you find yourself frustrated by stubborn pockets of unwanted fat on your body that seem resistant to the efforts of diet and exercise? If so, you may have come across information about liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure designed to remove localized deposits of fat that are unresponsive to...

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What Is the Average Liposuction Recovery Time?

Taking the time to understand the process of liposuction and how fat cells are actually removed before undergoing surgery is key to having a positive experience and getting the results you want. Often, the healing process starts with understanding the recovery process. That’s because this is...

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The Negatives of Liposuction According to the Experts

Do you find yourself dissatisfied with stubborn fat deposits on your abdomen, sides, or legs that seem resistant to diet and exercise? Rest assured, you’re not alone in this experience. Liposuction, a widely sought-after cosmetic procedure, offers a solution by effectively removing excess fat...

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How Visible Is a Liposuction Scar?

No one wants to undergo surgery with the goal of removing excess fat and improving their appearance … only to come home with noticeable scars. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever for skilled surgeons to conceal liposuction scars extremely well — so that after just a few months, they’re...

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Will I Have a Chin Lipo Scar?

  Chin liposuction involves the targeted removal of fat from the jawline, double chin, and neck area. Its primary objective is to address the issue of a “double chin” or undesired fullness in the jaw, chin, and neck region. While each patient receives individualized care based on...

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Can You Get a Plus Size Tummy Tuck?

For many years, it was a general rule among plastic surgeons that if a patient had a BMI over 30 or 31, they would not be a good candidate for plus size tummy tuck surgery. Today, this is all changing. A new term — coined largely by patients themselves — is being used for tummy tucks that are performed...

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