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How Much Recovery Time Is Needed for a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and having children are some of the highlights of a woman’s life, but the process will transform the body. This is because of the stress that the woman’s body goes through during this time. After the pregnancy is over, it can be difficult for some women to get their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy condition.

Even with diet and exercise, some parts of your body still might not look how you want. That’s where a mommy makeover comes in. A mommy makeover includes various cosmetic procedures for women after pregnancy, consisting of a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more.

The result for most people who have a mommy makeover is a younger and more contoured appearance. But how long will the recovery take?

Mommy Makeover Recovery

A mommy makeover often makes sense if you want to have several cosmetic procedures; doing everything in one day means you only pay for anesthesia and the use of the facility once. Also, you can have all of your recovery done at one time.

However, remember that doing several procedures at once usually means a longer recovery. You’ll probably need to take at least two weeks off work and limit your normal activities.

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In the weeks after your procedures, your surgeon will want to see you at least once or twice to see how your recovery is going. These meetings ensure there are no complications and your body is healing.

Some procedures in a mommy makeover, such as breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, require extensive recovery and healing. Your surgeon will let you know how long you should take it easy and when you can go back to your daily routine.

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The level of discomfort and pain you have after your mommy makeover depends on the procedures done and your pain tolerance. Many things make your recovery process unique, but there are several things to keep in mind to speed your recovery.

Ask For Help

Many surgeries in a mommy makeover require you to have some assistance for at least a week or two. Some women find that they need a lot of help for at least the first two days after their mommy makeover.

This is because it is difficult after some procedures to do your daily activities at first, such as getting dressed, bathing, getting out of bed, etc.

You also will be moving slower after your procedures, so most women need help with their children for a few weeks. This is especially the case if your children are young. Remember that you’ll need help with small children because you don’t want to risk complications with your incisions if you do too much.

Having family and friends’ support for a time after your mommy makeover will make your recovery go faster. The best idea is to have a friend, relative, or paid service help you as you recover. So, please remember to have this support system set up before you have your mommy makeover.

Next, tell your employer that you’ll need a week or two off to recover from surgery. If your doctor gives you narcotic pain medication, driving will be off-limits for a short period. However, most patients can switch to over-the-counter pain medication after a week or so.

Prep Your Recovery Area

To have the best possible recovery, it’s essential to have an area set up for when you come home. Have plenty of comfy blankets and pillows available, and use a bed or couch that is easy for you to access.

It also helps to have books and movies available to pass the time, but try to avoid laughing too much as this can be hard on your incisions.

Next, have a small table next to your bed that you can reach when you’re resting. Buy comfortable garments to wear, so it’s easy to get dressed and undressed, and you may need a toilet seat booster for a week or two.

You may need to sleep on your back or side as you recover, but some patients like to use a recliner for the most comfort.

Don’t Try To Do It All

It’s common for mothers to try to do everything for everyone else, but this is a time to take a rest. You had your mommy makeover to enhance your self-confidence and appearance, so you should take advantage of what you had done by taking the time to heal.

Don’t attempt to get back to all of your regular activities too fast, especially caring for small children and vigorous exercise. You can complicate your recovery and cause problems with your incisions.

Just remember to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions and take the time your body needs to recover, and all will be well.

Request A Mommy Makeover Consultation

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