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Botox Procedure Is Still The Top Requested Injectable

Botox Procedure Is Still The Top Requested Injectable

Considering Botox in New Jersey? Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is considered a must-have in Hollywood, and you may know friends who use it. It’s the most popular cosmetic procedure in the US every year.

As you age, your body doesn’t make as much collagen as it did in your younger years. So, your skin loses its natural volume and vibrancy. Collagen is an essential part of healthy skin, and skin gets loose and wrinkled without it.

Men and women also have hormonal changes that affect the skin so that it becomes drier and looser. Even with an excellent skincare regiment, it’s challenging to fight facial wrinkles on your own. Lines and wrinkles come with age and it is hard to hold them back.

The effects of years also can leave marks around the eyes and forehead. Over time, your face’s muscle movements can cause deep facial wrinkles and furrows, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and smile lines.

If you never have had Botox injections and wonder why it’s so popular, below are the reasons:

Track Record Of Safety

A Botox treatment isn’t a new cosmetic procedure. Botox is a commonly used botulinum toxin type. Botox is actually related to, and derived from a toxin that causes a type of food poisoning called botulism. The botulinum toxins used in Botox injection however are very diluted and refined. These botulinum toxins are safe and effective when administered by a board certified plastic surgeon. Botulinum toxin injections are one of the oldest non-invasive cosmetic procedures available. Botox has a proven track record and patients know it’s safe and effective. They don’t need to worry about side effects because millions of people receive doses every year.

When you want a cosmetic procedure for your face, whether it’s Botox treatment or a facelift, safety is vital.


More Americans would opt for plastic surgery if it didn’t involve incisions and downtime. Botox doesn’t give you surgical-type results, but it IS effective and minimally invasive. You don’t need to get ready for surgery and time off work when you get Botox, and no anesthesia is needed.

You can go home right away and even return to work the same day. There are some mild side effects from the injections, but they fade in a day or two. And because it isn’t surgery, there are few complications.

Botox treatments are quick and require no recovery so that you can continue with your day. However, it’s important not to scratch or rub the injection site. You should keep your head upright and don’t perform any strenuous activities or exercises right away. But other than that, you can continue with your daily activities. It is important to note however, that one possible side effect after Botox is the emergence of flu like symptoms. Another possible side effect is bruising. If you are currently taking blood thinners, Botox might result in temporary bruising. This isn’t common, but possible.

Works Fast

When you have injections, the doctor will rub a topical anesthetic on your skin over the injection site. Some people may skip this because the needles that administer Botox are tiny, and the injections are just under the skin surface. You could feel a bit of pinching during the injections, but that’s all.


Many of us lead busy lives as we juggle family and work responsibilities. It’s hard to just stop for a week or two and recover from plastic surgery. Botox is an excellent fit for busy people because the injections are fast and convenient.

Some patients just pop into the plastic surgery center during lunch for injections. Others have Botox on Friday afternoon and go home for the weekend.

Getting Botox is easy. Most patients are good candidates because it’s safe and effective for most healthy people. Men and women get Botox as wrinkles affect us all as we age. Botox is also affordable, so it’s accessible to more people.

Long-Lasting Results

Botox injections of botulinum toxin are used a lot because they offer affordable, long-lasting results. Furrows and wrinkles will fade for three or four months, so your face is smoother and younger-looking. You can set up follow-up appointments to keep your younger appearance.

Many Uses

Botox is effective for fighting wrinkles, but botulinum toxin can do much more than that. Botulinum toxin was initially used to stop eyelid spasms. Its uses today are many, and patients find relief for many conditions:

  • Dynamic wrinkles
  • Neck pain
  • Hooded Eyelids
  • Chronic migraines
  • Overactive bladder
  • Stiffness from focal spasticity
  • Underarm sweating
  • Problems with eye muscles
  • Chronic migraines

The most common use for Botox is to reduce wrinkles, but making use a botulinum toxin injection to help patients has been used by doctors for decades for many reasons.

Botox Works

The biggest reason that Botox is popular is that it’s effective. Dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movements lead to permanent creases in the face. Botox works its magic by relaxing your facial muscles that lead to dynamic wrinkles.

Once the Botox injections have time to work, the creases smooth out and relax in the face. Most patients are delighted with the results of their Botox injections, which last up to 4 months. Many patients love Botox treatment so much that they get their next appointment scheduled that day.

Other patients like Botox injections for special occasions, such as a wedding or birthday. Crow’s feet and frown lines affect us all eventually, so Botox cosmetic injections are a treatment for everyone.

You can pair Botox injections with an eyelid lift for absolutely amazing results. Others like to have a brow lift, too.

Questions and Answers

What are the most common side effects?

The most common side effects are bruising, pain, bleeding, tenderness, redness.

How painful are Botox injections?

Despite the use of needles in the procedure, Botox is often perceived as a relatively painless experience. The needles employed for Botox administration are extremely small, with most individuals describing only a minor pinch or stinging sensation. These needles are generally 30-gauge, equivalent to the size commonly used for insulin injections.

Who shouldn’t get Botox?

Individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a neurological disease are advised against using Botox. Since Botox may not be effective for all types of wrinkles, it’s essential to consult with a doctor before considering the treatment. If you have an allergy to cow’s milk protein, Botox injections should be avoided.

Request a Botox Consultation

Botox ProcedureConsidering New Jersey Botox procedure? Dr. Smita. R. Ramanadham can help you obtain the results you want with this popular and safe procedure. In your consultation at SR Plastic Surgery New Jersey, Dr. Ramanadham will go over your options, goals, and more to determine if you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty.


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