While it is not discussed openly, many women worry about the appearance of their vaginal lips, which may cause them to be less confident. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham can help New Jersey women feel more attractive and comfortable with surgical vaginal rejuvenation to correct the shape and size of the labia. The labia, which are the external lips of the vaginal area, can look stretched or have hanging skin due to genetics, natural aging, childbirth, pregnancy, or an injury. A labiaplasty surgically decreases the size of the labia majora and/or minora to create an improved look. This may diminish irritation and discomfort while increasing sexual pleasure and confidence. Come in for a consultation at our practice in New Jersey to hear more about labiaplasty and see if you may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation surgery.


Surgery for the labia can be beneficial for New Jersey women who are self-conscious about the size and shape of their labiawhich can be enlarged because of childbirth, genetics, or a physical trauma. Abnormal vaginal lips may cause discomfort, pain, irritation, or itching when engaging in activities, like sex and exercise. Surgical vaginal rejuvenation can also be beneficial if you avoid wearing certain clothing (like leggings, yoga pants, or bathing suits) because of the appearance of your labia. While labia surgery should not impact your ability to get pregnant, Dr. Ramanadham recommends you wait until you are done having children in order to prevent jeopardizing your rejuvenated results.


Many labiaplasty procedures can be completed in our office with local anesthetic so you may drive yourself to and from our office. If your treatment plan is more complex, you may need to be put under general anesthesia at a nearby surgical facility so you will need to have a responsible adult drive you home following your procedure. Dr. Ramanadham can talk about your treatment plan and more at your consultation so you may make arrangements, if needed, prior to your appointment. A labiaplasty is most often performed with the trim technique that removes excess tissue, then the remaining skin is stitched so it is taut. Also available is the wedge technique that removes a triangular area of skin and excess folds from the clitoris before stitching the remaining tissue closed.


You will need around one week to heal following your labiaplasty to allow discomfort and swelling to fade away before returning to normal activities. Dr. Ramanadham suggests applying a cold compress or ice pack if needed to reduce inflammation. You are not allowed to have sexual activity or use tampons for at least 4 – 6 weeks following your surgery. Patients usually see visible results in around six weeks and final results around six months after the procedure. The improvements of vaginal rejuvenation are long-lasting; however, childbirth, natural aging, and weight fluctuations can impact your results.


  • How much does a labiaplasty cost?
    The total cost of your labiaplasty will be dependent on several factors. In your initial consultation with Dr. Ramanadham, she will understand your needs and wants before developing your custom surgical plan. Once you have decided on your options for your vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Ramanadham can start to estimate your costs. Our practice takes several payments, and we can give you information on low-interest medical financing.
  • Should I choose a plastic surgeon or OB/GYN?
    As you research surgical vaginal rejuvenation, you will discover that a large majority of OB/GYNs (obstetricians and gynecologists) perform labiaplasty. Although most OB/GYNs are capable of performing a labiaplasty, they may not be your best choice. An OB/GYN can surgically remove loose skin from your vaginal lips, but a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ramanadham, will focus on other aspects as well. She will ensure minimal scarring, and your final contour, color, and symmetry all look and feel natural.
  • Will vaginal rejuvenation surgery cause insensitivity?
    Like most surgeries, you may have some numbness in the treated area for a while. This is temporary as your skin and vaginal lips recover. For those concerned about sexual sensitivity, it is important to realize that a labiaplasty addresses the vaginal lips and will not affect the nerves of the clitoris. A skilled plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ramanadham with years of training and experience in vaginal rejuvenation surgery, will avoid the clitoris to prevent desensitizing the area.
  • What is the recovery process like after a labiaplasty?
    Prior to your procedure, Dr. Ramanadham or someone on her team will go over what to expect following your labiaplasty and provide tips to make your recovery process more comfortable. You should expect some swelling and bruising in the treated areas, plus a certain amount of discomfort right after your procedure. You need to stay home for at least a week before resuming non-strenuous activities. Dr. Ramanadham will evaluate your healing in your check-up appointments and tell you when you can resume sexual activity.
  • Are there nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments?
    Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments are available, which may help to improve mild to moderate vaginal laxity. However, vaginal rejuvenation is better for dramatic improvements to reshape and tighten your labia. In your initial consultation with Dr. Ramanadham, she will discuss your surgical and nonsurgical treatment options and give you suggestions based on your needs and goals.


Every vagina is not identical, and many factors can affect the appearance of the outer labia. If you do not feel confident or comfortable because of the shape and size of your labia, find out more information about vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Talk to plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham about your concerns and needs so she can develop your personal labiaplasty treatment plan. Schedule an appointment at our facility in New Jersey to hear more about a labiaplasty for vaginal rejuvenation.