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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation New Jersey

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation New Jersey

Are you interested in fat transfer breast augmentation in New Jersey? Dr. Smita Ramanadham is the best plastic surgeon when it comes to communication with her patients, care and attention to detail, and of course, excellent natural breast augmentation procedure results.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation fat transfer is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the patient’s own body fat as material to volumize the breasts. Unlike breast augmentation with implants, a fat transfer augmentation does not necessitate foreign devices (breast implants).

The breast fat transfer procedure involves two steps. First, excess body fat is removed with liposuction. Next, the fat is processed and reinjected into the breasts to add volume in all the right places.

SMITA R. RAMANADHAM, M.D. – Female Plastic Surgeon
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Smita R. Ramanadham, M.D.– Breast Implant Removal Surgeon

Dr. Smita Ramanadham, born and raised in New Jersey, possesses a comprehensive understanding of the distinct aspirations of both women and men in the New Jersey Area. Following a successful academic career at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, she is thrilled to have returned to her home state.

Dr. Ramanadham completed her training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX, a program that holds the top spot nationally for its excellence in plastic surgery, according to Doximity. Throughout her training, she had the privilege of learning directly from the world’s leading experts.

She actively contributes as a member of The Aesthetic Society, a highly esteemed society that represents the most qualified group of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Additionally, she serves as an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and embraces the opportunity to make advancements in the field of plastic surgery on a broader scale. Within the ASPS, she plays a vital role in multiple national committees, including Women Plastic Surgeons, Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Social Media Subcommittee, Wellness Task Force, and Coding and Payment Policy Committee.

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Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

An ideal candidate for the breast fat transfer surgical procedure should be looking to increase the size of their breasts by a modest amount. It’s important for patients to understand that most fat transfer procedures can only increase the size of the breasts by one cup size at most.

Others who might qualify for this procedure include those seeking breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. It is also a common procedure for women who simply want to amplify their cleavage, fill in the “deflated” area on the tops of their breasts, or augment one breast to correct an asymmetry.

Keep in mind that quality candidates must have enough unwanted fat elsewhere on their body. Excess fat usually comes from the abdomen or flanks, but it can be taken from almost any part of the body.

Furthermore, those interested in a fat transfer boob job should also be in good overall physical health with no ongoing medical conditions that could cause problems during or after surgery.

Benefits of a Breast Fat Transfer

Simultaneous Breast Volume Boost and Body Fat Reduction

Not only does breast augmentation fat transfer surgery increase your breast tissue volume, but it can also remove excess fat cells from other areas of your body like the stomach, flanks, and thighs.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Fat transfer breast augmentations are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Liposuction procedure only requires small incisions, and the injected fat will only leave small dot-like scars from the syringe. Because of this, breast augmentation surgery with fat transfer typically comes with fewer surgical risks.

Naturally Fuller Breasts

Patients like the fact that this cosmetic surgery uses their own harvested fat to augment the size of their breasts. Many women prefer this option because they don’t like the idea of having foreign implants in their chest.

No Follow-up Imaging Requirements

Unlike breast implants used in breast augmentation, fat injection breast enhancement does not require regular MRI scans to check for possible implant failure. Still, remember that mammograms are continually recommended. Just be sure to notify your medical staff that you’ve had a past breast enhancement fat transfer.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Recovery

The recovery process after a breast enlargement fat transfer typically lasts for one to two weeks. You’ll need to take some time off from work, rest, and limit your physical activity during this time.

Soreness, bruising, and swelling are common side effects. Be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

Breast Fat Transfer Results

Results from a breast fat transfer should last for many years. However, it’s important to continue leading a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain these results. Drastic fluctuations in weight may cause changes to your breasts’ appearance.

Although your results from fat grafting breast augmentation will last a long time, it’s also critical to note that your body fat composition will inevitably change with time. For all women, natural aging results in sagging breasts, so this may lead some patients to choose additional fat transfer procedures in the future. Alternatively, some patients may find that a combined breast lift and fat grafting surgery can achieve longer-lasting results overall.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost in New Jersey

When you choose to transfer fat to breast cost ranges tend to be lower than they are with breast augmentation with implants surgery. However, all surgeons charge different amounts for their service and care, so it’s not possible to provide a concrete estimate that applies across the board.

Ultimately, your fat grafting breast cost will depend on what surgeon’s fee your surgeon charges, how much anesthesia costs, the price of the hospital or surgical facility, and any extra expenses such as those related to medications or required medical tests.

Also keep in mind that geographic location can play a role in your fat grafting breast price. In larger urban areas, all plastic surgery procedures will cost more simply because the cost of living is higher.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer FAQ

If you’re thinking about breast fat transfer, you probably have many questions:

Where can transferred fat be taken from for a breast fat transfer?

Common body areas for lipo with fat transfer include the stomach, flanks, back, and thighs. But surgeons can generally harvest fat from anywhere you like.

Can I go up 2 cup sizes with fat transfer?

Rarely. For the majority of patients, a maximum increase of one cup size is usually all that is possible with a fat transfer. This does depend on how much fat the patient has to transfer and other factors, however.

How long do results last if you transfer fat to breast?

Not all of the fat cells injected will survive the transfer. However, your surgeon will account for this during surgery.

After the procedure, results are long-lasting as long as patients maintain a steady weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

How much fat will survive the fat transfer process?

In most cases, about 50% to 70% of the fat survives after a natural breast fat transfer.

What are the cons of fat transfer to breast?

Unfortunately, fat transfer breast procedures can only achieve a half to one cup size volume increase. So, if you want breasts larger than this, other breast procedures (like traditional breast augmentation with implants) may be needed.

Likewise, sometimes, not all of the transferred fat will survive the transfer process. The survival rate can be somewhat unpredictable, so this may necessitate revision surgery in the future if not enough fat survives.

Where can I find breast fat grafting near me?

Dr. Smita Ramanadham is a board certified plastic surgeon who performs fat transfer breast augmentation procedures at her New Jersey practice.

Schedule a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you have been considering a modest breast size increase or would like to slightly alter your breast shape, a fat transfer breast augmentation could be the best solution. As always, look for a board certified fat transfer breast augmentation surgeon like Dr. Smita Ramanadham, who has extensive experience performing this procedure.

Dr. Ramanadham of SR Plastic Surgery New Jersey would be happy to discuss your candidacy for this surgery and all of your options with you at your personal consultation. Please contact us today to request your appointment.


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