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Breast Revision in New Jersey

Breast Implant Revision New Jersey

The breasts are a central part of a woman’s feminity, and many patients have breast augmentation or a breast lift to enhance their appearance and self-confidence.

Breast implant revision surgery is highly customized and must be tailored to the woman’s goals and desires.

Dr. Smita R. Ramanadham is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with the skill and experience required to perform your breast revision surgery. She will perform your breast revision with care and compassion for the best aesthetic results. Dr. Smita also performs other facial and body procedures in the New Jersey area.

What is Breast Revision?

Sometimes breast surgery may not go as planned, or the breast implants need to be replaced. In these situations, your surgeon can perform breast revision to enhance their appearance and possibly updating the materials used.

Surgeons may do the following during breast revision surgery:

  • Breast reduction or breast lift
  • Reshape the implant pocket to change the implant’s position.
  • Increase or decrease the size of the woman’s breast implants

Over the years, breast implants may change in size or shape, and breast tissue also can change, making the breasts look less desirable. Also, most breast implants only last 10 or 15 years before they need to be replaced.

Also, women may want breast implant removal for many reasons, including capsular contraction from the current implant, removing implants as they age, and changing saline breast implants to silicone breast implants.

Other common reasons for breast revision are:

  • When the breasts press together and leave no space between them (symmastia)
  • Waviness or rippling of the skin covering the implant
  • Improper position
  • Leaking implant
SMITA R. RAMANADHAM, M.D. – Female Plastic Surgeon
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Smita R. Ramanadham, M.D.– Breast Implant Removal Surgeon

Dr. Smita Ramanadham, born and raised in New Jersey, possesses a comprehensive understanding of the distinct aspirations of both women and men in the New Jersey Area. Following a successful academic career at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, she is thrilled to have returned to her home state.

Dr. Ramanadham completed her training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX, a program that holds the top spot nationally for its excellence in plastic surgery, according to Doximity. Throughout her training, she had the privilege of learning directly from the world’s leading experts.

She actively contributes as a member of The Aesthetic Society, a highly esteemed society that represents the most qualified group of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Additionally, she serves as an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and embraces the opportunity to make advancements in the field of plastic surgery on a broader scale. Within the ASPS, she plays a vital role in multiple national committees, including Women Plastic Surgeons, Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Social Media Subcommittee, Wellness Task Force, and Coding and Payment Policy Committee.

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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Steps for the breast revisions procedure typically include:

  • Anesthesia: Anesthetic will be administered for your comfort during breast revision. Your surgeon may select IV sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Incision: The type of implant revision surgery and incision depends on your needs. Some of the possibilities are:
    • Inframammary incision: Under the crease of the breast
    • Breast lift incision: Vertical incision in the middle or side of the breast
    • Peri-areolar incision: Around or inside the areola
  • Close: Dr. Smita will close the incisions with skin adhesives or sutures.

You will notice a difference in your breasts’ appearance immediately after surgery

But there will be considerable swelling, It can take several months before you see the final result.

Breast Revision Benefits

Most women are pleased with their breast revision results, and the most common benefits include:

Balance Asymmetrical Breasts

No two breasts are the same, but one may be noticeably larger than the other. It can be challenging to find a bra or clothes when this happens, and it can even be embarrassing.

Breast revision and augmentation can be an excellent way to balance the chest, so you feel more confident in your appearance.

Higher Breast Position

One of the most frequent complaints women have is their breasts sag or sit too low on the chest. After pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age, the breasts can fall and look less attractive.

But breast revision can give you a larger size and higher position, so your breasts look younger.

Enhanced Curves And Volume

Some women are displeased with the size or shape of their breasts, whether it’s from genetics, pregnancy, or aging. However, breast implants increase volume at the top of your breasts, so breast augmentation can enhance volume and curves.

Improve Breasts After Pregnancy Or Aging

Pregnancy can be tough on the breasts, and they can sag and lose volume after breastfeeding. And even women who don’t have children may notice that things begin to sag as the years pass.

Breast augmentation or a breast lift are effective ways to make them look perkier and younger. But, unfortunately, it can take years off your appearance, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular plastic surgeries.

Reconstruct Breasts After Mastectomy

Breast cancer is difficult for women physically and emotionally. Mastectomy may save your life, but it can leave you with an appearance that upsets you. The good news is Dr. Smita can perform breast revision and reconstruction with your natural breast tissue or breast implants to restore your appearance.

Improve Self-Confidence

Women who don’t like their breasts can feel a lack of confidence and self-esteem. But revision breast surgery can restore your confidence in your body.

Ideal Candidates For Breast Revision

Breast revision is a highly personal procedure, and you should do it for yourself and not anyone else.

You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure if:

  • You are in good overall health
  • You don’t have any severe health problems that can cause bleeding or complicate the healing process
  • You have realistic expectations about how your breasts will look
  • You know the risks of breast implants or breast lift surgery
  • You don’t like the size, shape, or appearance of your breasts
  • Your breasts sag or lack volume

If you want to have children, you should talk about it with Dr. Smita. If you get pregnant or breastfeed, it can affect your results. You may need additional surgery, so it’s best to wait for breast revision if you want children.

Surgery Preparation For Breast Revision

Breast Revision New JerseyDr. Smita will offer you detailed instructions about two weeks before your breast revision to ensure all goes well.

Smoking interferes with the healing process, so you shouldn’t smoke several weeks before and after your breast revision surgery. Dr. Smita can provide resources to help you quit smoking.

She also will let you know what you should eat and drink before surgery to improve healing. And she will tell you about any medications, vitamins, or supplements you shouldn’t take before breast revision.

You also should drink plenty of water before surgery and get a lot of rest.

You will be taken to the recovery room for an hour or two when you wake from the procedure. Then a friend or family member can drive you home, but you should have someone stay overnight with you if you have any problems.

Breast Revision Risks And Complications

Any breast surgery has risks and a chance of complications, but choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Smita means the surgery should go well.

However, you should be aware of the following risks of breast revision procedure:

  • Anesthesia allergies
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fluid accumulation at the surgical procedure site
  • Infection
  • Hematoma
  • Poor incision healing
  • Skin loss
  • Excessive scarring

Your plastic surgeon will talk to you about the risks, and you can decide if the procedure is suitable for your needs.

Keep in mind that breast revision surgery is more complex than the initial one, and you may not like the results. If so, you may need another surgery.

Breast Revision Recovery

Breast revision recovery is similar to your initial surgery but will vary based on the procedure you have.

After breast revision, the breasts will be covered in gauze and bandages with a compression garment to reduce swelling and support the breasts. You will probably go home the same day, but you will need someone to drive you.

The breasts will look different but ot look as they will in several months, so please keep that in mind.

You should follow your surgeon’s instructions at home, take prescribed medications to prevent infection and pain, and wear your support garment. You should have a family member stay with you for the first night.

If Dr. Smita inserted drains, they will usually be taken out about a week after surgery. After that, she will tell you when you can go back to work and resume physical activity. Scars are permanent but will fade considerably after one year.

It may take six months to a year for all swelling to subside to see the outcome.

Breast Revision FAQ

If you’re thinking about breast revision surgery, you probably have many questions:

Is Breast Implant Revision Procedure Painful?

Recovery from breast revision surgery may be less painful than your first one. But it depends on what Dr. Smita does.

You will feel swollen and sore for a week or two, but this will fade as the days pass.

How Long Do I Need To Wait For Breast Implant Revision?

If you aren’t happy with your original breast surgery, you should wait at least six months before having another procedure. This is because it will take time for your breasts to reach their final shape and appearance.

Does Breast Implant Revision Cost More?

Breast revision surgery is usually more expensive than the initial procedure. In addition, breast revision is usually more complex so the surgery often takes longer.

Is Breast Revision More Difficult?

Breast revision surgery typically involves changing or improving the breasts and always is more complicated than the original procedure.

First, you have scar tissue that makes it more difficult to predict how things will look. Also, the plastic surgeon must contend with stretched tissue or changes in anatomy from the previous procedure.

Is It Safe To Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Yes. But any surgery has a risk of complications. For example, one of the risks of breast revision is capsular contracture, which is more likely to happen if it happened with the first implant.

How Does The Surgeon Do Breast Revision?

Most breast revisions involve taking out the old silicone implants or saline implants and putting in new ones.

It also may include a breast lift, removing scar tissue, and changing the shape or size of the breasts.

What Happens If I Lose Weight After Breast Revision?

If you lose weight after your breast revision, you shouldn’t have any problems. But if you lose a lot of weight, you could affect your breasts’ appearance.

Will The Implants Drop After Breast Revision?

Yes. Whether you have implants for the first or subsequent time, they will take several weeks to drop into their natural position.

What Should I Do If One Breast Is Bigger Than The Other?

This is a common reason women don’t like their breasts. If you had implant surgery before, you might need revision surgery to change one of the implants to more closely match the other breast.

Do Breast Implants Under The Chest Muscle Look Smaller?

No. During breast revision surgery, Dr. Smita may place the new implants above or below the chest muscle. Putting it under the muscle can make it look more natural. Also, the muscles offer more support than placing the implant above the muscle.

What Holds The Implants In Place After Breast Revision?

The ligaments and muscles in the chest will hold your implants in place. After the incisions heal, the body will create scar tissue around the implant.

What Happens If Breast Revision Fails?

If you have breast revision after mastectomy, you may have a skin flap or implant problem. But you will need to wait six to 12 months before having another procedure.

What Is breast pocket revision surgery?

This breast pocket revision is a change to the space the implant sits in. The most common problem is fixing a pocket that is too large. If you don’t like the position of your implants, you may need pocket revision surgery.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Revision Surgery?

Health insurance may cover breast revision if it’s associated with ruptured implants, capsular contracture, or breast asymmetry.

Why Do Some Breast Revisions Fail?

Most breast revisions go well, but capsular contraction can be a problem. This is where the scar tissue around the implant contracts and distorts the breast. You also may have infections or excessive bleeding that make another surgery necessary.

Breast revision is an important procedure that can help you regain your appearance and self-confidence. Please set up a consultation with Dr. Smita today to decide if you want to explore breast revision surgery.

Book Your Breast Implant Revision Consultation

Breast revision surgery is a specialized procedure tailored for your specific needs by plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham. If you are not happy with your breast augmentation results or wish a different result, we invite you to call our New Jersey office to schedule your appointment at our practice.

There are numerous factors to consider and Dr. Ramanadham will give you a full physical exam, create your revision options, and discuss realistic expectations.  

SR Plastic Surgery New Jersey is dedicated to providing compassionate care and exceptional results for breast implant revision patients seeking personalized and effective solutions.


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