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Kybella in New Jersey

Kybella® in New Jersey

It can be highly frustrating if you have fat under the chin that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise. In addition, having a double chin may make you look older and heavier than you are. 

While some patients have liposuction on their double chin, recent advancements in plastic surgery have given them another option – Kybella

What is Kybella®?

Kybella is a non-surgical injection that targets and destroys fat under the chin. The Kybella process uses several deoxycholic acid injections to eliminate fat in the chin area. As a result, there are no incisions and downtime for most patients. 

Kybella is based on deoxycholic acid produced by the gall bladder. This acid absorbs fat, so it makes sense that it may be appropriate to eliminate certain types of stubborn fat in the body. 

Kybella injections are based on a synthetic type of this acid. The injections permanently destroy fat under the chin and provide you with a slimmer look.

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Smita R. Ramanadham, M.D.– Female Plastic Surgeon

As a New Jersey native, Dr. Smita Ramanadham understands the unique goals of women and men in the New Jersey Area. After a successful academic career at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. she is excited to be back in her home state.

Dr. Ramanadham completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery training at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX, nationally ranked number one by Doximity for their plastic surgery program. Here, she trained directly under the world’s leading experts.

She serves as an active member of The Aesthetic Society, a highly esteemed society representing the most qualified group of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Additionally, she serves as an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and values the opportunity to improve the field of plastic surgery on a greater scale. Here she serves on multiple national committees, including, Women Plastic Surgeons, Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Social Medial Subcommittee, Wellness Task Force, and Coding and Payment Policy Committee.

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Kybella Procedure

Before the Kybella procedure, your doctor will mark the sites for injection with a small marker. The most common treatment area is below the chin. They may use a topical numbing agent or ice to reduce discomfort. 

Your doctor may use between 20 and 50 small Kybella injections under the chin to destroy the fat. The acid slowly dissolves the fat cells, which the body metabolizes over several weeks. 

How many treatments you need varies by the patient. Some patients need several sessions for the best results. You can get up to six treatments one month apart if needed.

Kybella Benefits

Some of the benefits of Kybella are: 

Erases A Double Chin Without Surgery

The injection of deoxycholic acid breaks down the walls of local fat cells in the chin, neck, and jaw. The fat cells can’t hold fat and are made into waste that the body eliminates over a few weeks. Most patients see their double chin substantially reduced or even eliminated. 

Most patients see a slow elimination of chin fat over four to six weeks. The changes from Kybella are similar to liposuction, but the procedure is less invasive. 

Fewer Adverse Reactions

Deoxycholic acid is natural to the body so it’s unlikely there will be adverse reactions or side effects. 

Most patients can have the same results as liposuction without a risk of serious complications. 

Made To Treat A Double Chin

Kybella was specifically created to eliminate excess fat under the chin. This procedure can eliminate fat in this area without affecting other parts of the body.

Other treatments, such as liposuction, were designed to remove large amounts of fat from the belly and other areas. Liposuction is less precise and there is a risk of overtreatment. 

If too much fat is removed with liposuction, your chin and neck may look hollow. But Kybella is injected with small needles, so the procedure is precise. 

Makes You Look Young And Leaner

If you are near your goal weight from diet and exercise, it’s frustrating to be saddled with a double chin that makes you look heavier. 

Kybella can break down this fat precisely and give you a thinner, sculpted look that may make you look years younger. 

Little Downtime

A neck lift or facelift requires a lot of downtime, swelling, and bruising. Plus, you may need to take at least two weeks from work, and worry about not being seen in public with swelling and bruising. 

But Kybella involves little downtime. Many people go back to work the next day. 


Liposuction or a neck lift can treat your double chin, but there are more risks and downtime. And those procedures require general anesthesia, which is a risk itself. 

Kybella is non-invasive, so there are fewer risks involved. Plus, because it’s non-invasive, there are no scars. 

Only Takes A Few Treatments

Some patients can eliminate their double chin in two or three treatments. But you won’t need more than six, with a month between each session. 

Results Show In A Month Or So

Most patients see impressive results in four to six weeks. When the acid breaks down the fat cell walls and your body removes it, you will see the results. This is a fast-acting treatment that can make you look better, which boosts your self-confidence. 

Results Last Years

This procedure kills fat cells under the chin, and they can’t grow back. You will see the final results within six months and shouldn’t need more sessions in the future. 

Ideal Candidates For Kybella

Ideal candidates for Kybella are those in good health and near their ideal body weight but have undesirable fat in the neck and chin. You should not have Kybella injections if you have a skin infection, are under 18, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Preparation For Kybella

Kybella New JerseyKybella injections aren’t surgery, so you don’t need to do a lot of preparation. However, you should talk to your doctor about your medical history, medications you take, and any cosmetic procedures you’ve had on your chin, face, and neck. 

Also, talk to the provider about any issues you have with bleeding or swallowing. How Kybella affects a fetus is still being studied, so you may want to delay the procedure if you’re pregnant. 

You should wash your face before the appointment to reduce the chances of infection. Also, don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen before the procedure to reduce bleeding.

Kybella Risks and Complications

Kybella is a nonsurgical intervention, but there are side effects, including pain, bruising, swelling, and numbness. 

Many patients don’t realizes there is somteims some pain associated with the injection process, so it helps to understand this going into the procedure. If you are worried about too much pain, your healthcare provider might talk to you about liposuction instead. 

There are other rare side effects to consider, including facial muscle weakness, asymmetrical smile, difficulty swallowing, and nerve injury. If you select a board-certified plastic surgeon, the chances of serious side effects are minimal. 

Also, you should expect considerable swelling from Kybella injections, so prepare for this. This means you should be ready to take a week or two off work and curtail some of your regular activities. 

Kybella Recovery

Most people don’t have a lot of downtime from Kybella injections. The biggest issue after the procedure is to reduce swelling, which can be noticeable. Some patients may have swelling under the chin for six to eight weeks, which can be mitigated with icing. 

Others have mild pain in the injection sites and hard nodules in the affected area that usually fade after a few days. 

Complementary Procedures

If you decide to have Kybella injections, consider having more than one procedure to amplify your transformation. Doing several procedures simultaneously saves money, and you also can have all your recovery done at one time! 

Popular procedures that patients sometimes choose with Kybella injections are:

Kybella FAQ

Are you considering Kybella injections for your double chin? Below are the most common questions. 

How Long Do Kybella Results Last?

The results are permanent because the fat under the chin is destroyed and eliminated by the body.

What Parts Of The Body Can Kybella Treat?

The product is approved by FDA to reduce submental fullness caused by fat under the chin. Treatment with Kybella usually has excellent results without the invasive nature of liposuction. 

Kybella Or Liposuction?

It depends on your anatomy and aesthetic goals. Kybella is ideal for someone who doesn’t want surgery, but remember it takes more than one procedure. 

Liposuction is more invasive and requires general anesthesia. It gets everything done in one procedure, but it’s less precise, so you might not like the results. 

The best move is to set up a consultation with your healthcare provider to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

Who Shouldn’t Get Kybella?

If you have had surgery on your neck, face, or chin, talk to your doctor if this procedure is right for you. Also, if you have medical conditions that affect the neck or trouble swallowing, you may want another procedure. 

If any of these conditions apply to you, it may be better to delay treatment or consider liposuction. 

What Is The Recovery Like For Kybella?

Some patients have discomfort for a few minutes when Kybella is injected, but this goes away after 15 minutes. Patients may have numbness and tenderness in the treated area. 

It does cause swelling, so you should expect and plan for it. Swelling actually means the injections are working, and it may even tighten the skin around the chin. Some patients find the skin tightening as desirable as the fat reduction. 

Many providers say you should assume it will take three to five days for the swelling to recede.

How Many Kybella Treatments Will I Need?

Every patient has different needs. You can get up to six treatments for your double chin at least a month apart. Most patients need two to four treatments for best results. 

If you want to have results after one treatment, you might think about liposuction if you want to have results. But this procedure isn’t as precise, so talk to your doctor to determine if it will work for your case. 

Why Shouldn’t I Get Chin Liposuction?

You can. But because the procedure involves a small amount of localized fat, it can be challenging to sculpt the area precisely with a liposuction cannula. 

Some patients who choose chin liposuction have uneven results that make the face look older and hollower. 

Kybella may be preferable because it’s a precise injection with small needles, delivering more sculpted and refined results. Remember, the chin area is highly visible, so you want as precise results there as possible. 

But it’s always best to talk to your doctor about both treatments to decide which is best for you. 

Can Kybella Be Used For Other Parts Of The Body?

Off-label uses for the product are being studied, including bra roll, small fat pockets on the belly, and fat around the armpit. Talk to your doctor to find out if Kybella has been approved for other uses. 

Remember that Kybella treatments are new, so you need to choose a doctor who is board-certified and skilled with these injections.

What Are The Most Common Side Effects With Kybella?

Swelling is the most common side effect, and you should expect it. It’s more obvious when treating the area under the chin, but less so when the jowls are targeted. 

Swelling is what most people notice for several days after their first treatment, but subsequent treatments usually have less swelling. 

Swelling will decrease after a few days, but you will still have some of it a month later. 

But remember that swelling indicates the Kybella is working, so it’s all worth it! 

What Happens If I Gain Weight After Kybella?

Kybella is used only to target fat below the chin. It won’t remove every fat cell in that area. So if you gain weight in other parts of the body, it’s possible the remaining fat below the chin will increase in size. 

That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle after Kybella or liposuction treatments. 

Is Kybella Worth It?

Kybella is an effective alternative treatment to reduce fat under the chin, also known as a double chin. Downtime and recovery are minimal, but it’s important to remember there is discomfort associated with the procedure, and you may need several sessions for best results.

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