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Brow lift surgery (also known as a forehead lift or browplasty) is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps create a higher brow position, which provides a more youthful look to the upper portion of the face. A drooping brow can frequently cause an angry or tired appearance. This procedure surgically corrects a drooping brow to create a refreshed face by eliminating excess skin while also lifting the eyebrows. Dr. Smita Ramanadham is a plastic surgeon in New Jersey who has completed brow lift surgery on men and women to give them a more youthful appearance. Injectable wrinkle relaxers and fillers are often performed in combination with a brow lift at our facility for optimal results, producing a smoother and softer appearance.


When you age, skin elasticity decreases and causes various aspects of the face to begin to sag. This is particularly true in the upper face and commonly impacts both men and women. When looking at yourself in a mirror, do you look angry or tired, or see deep wrinkles in between your eyebrows, or are bothered by your sagging brow? A brow lift can be the ideal aesthetic procedure for you.


Before the procedure, anesthesia is administered. This may be done under IV sedation or general anesthesia based on the nature of the procedure. The incision performed in a browplasty is chosen, depending on the degree of skin sag, if the forehead is addressed, and the appearance of the patient’s hairline. Some of the different techniques that may be used:

  • Traditional Incision
    Also known as the open brow lift incision, this puts the surgical incision behind the hairline at the top of the head. This incision not only hides scars, but it also allows a certain amount of lift control throughout the surgery. This type of incision is good for those with both frown lines and a sagging brow. The traditional brow lift is the preferred method for patients who are concerned about a receding hairline.
  • Trichophytic Incision
    The trichophytic incision is made directly against the patient’s hairline. A trichophytic incision permits more dramatic lift in the brow for men and women who have a low risk for hairline recession.
  • Lateral Brow Lift
    Also called a temporal browplasty, the lateral method places the incision in the hairline slightly over the temples. It permits the outer parts of the brow to be lifted and works well for sagging that is visible in the outer brow. It also helps to smooth Crow’s feet.
  • Endoscopic Forehead Lift
    The endoscopic lift is a more modern method employed in brow lift surgery. This method makes multiple small incisions beyond the hairline and inserts a tool known as an endoscope, which travels to the eyebrow to release its attached tools. Using the endoscope’s camera, the brow tissue is repositioned with stitches to place the brow in a better position.


The recovery period after a brow lift varies with more swelling and discomfort reported with the traditional approach compared to the temporal or endoscopic methods. In general, patients feel some swelling and bruising in the upper portion of the face around the eyebrows and sometimes near the eyes. Cold compresses can help to diminish the inflammation. Dr. Ramanadham recommends patients sleep with pillows propped under their head for the first several nights after their brow lift. It is critical to avoid any activities or movement that can put pressure on your face. The typical recovery period from a brow lift is around 2 – 3 weeks. The results can often be seen right away with a refreshed appearance that seems more alert, softer, and with a visible improvement in sagging skin and fine lines in the upper face.


  • How much does a brow lift cost?
    It is better to concentrate on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Ramanadham, who can give you the best results rather than going with the lowest price. Your costs for brow lift surgery will depend on the technique used, anesthesia, facility fees, and more. When your treatment plan is developed during your consultation, cost estimates can be made. Dr. Ramanadham will also explain payment methods we accept and where to apply for low-interest medical financing to make your surgery more affordable.
  • Do I need a brow lift or facelift?
    Whether you need a facelift or brow lift will depend on your goals and where you have excess skin. You should openly talk about your wants with Dr. Ramanadham so she can help you choose which treatment is best. Some patients who come in wanting a full facelift may find they would be better with a brow lift and vice versa. Using her years of experience, Dr. Ramanadham will confidently help you create your unique treatment plan to give you your best results.
  • What about nonsurgical treatments?
    You may consider one of the many nonsurgical options, including laser skin tightening and injectables (like Juvéderm and BOTOX) that can provide some improvements. However, brow lift surgery is better for longer-lasting results and significant improvements. In your consultation, Dr. Ramanadham can go over both your nonsurgical and surgical choices to help you decide which is better for your needs.
  • What technique should I choose?
    Dr. Ramanadham will explain brow lift surgery techniques in your consultation so you know the benefits. She will then help you decide on the technique that best meets your needs and goals. A few of the factors that might influence your technique choice are your hairline (factoring in both your current hairline, as well as your risk of developing a receding hairline), the amount of loose skin, and recovery time available.
  • Will my results look natural?
    If you have an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ramanadham, your brow lift will appear natural. She will create your treatment plan with the right technique for your needs and goals to help you appear refreshed instead of frozen or tight. When performing your brow lift, Dr. Ramanadham will concentrate on removing loose skin. The remaining tissue and skin will be smoothed so your results do not lift your eyebrows too high or limit your facial expressions.


Do not let your sagging forehead make others wonder if you are sad, mad, angry or tired — schedule an appointment to get more information about brow lift surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham at our practice in New Jersey. By lifting your hanging brow, you can rejuvenate your whole appearance and seem more youthful and refreshed. Dr. Ramanadham strives for results that look natural, and your brow lift will have your friends saying you look very refreshed instead of thinking you had surgery.

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