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Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey

After Weight Loss Surgery
New Jersey

Those who accomplish major weight loss are usually ecstatic, having moved past a big roadblock in their life. In some cases, however, while their new figure represents a proud accomplishment, they will face new frustrations. This is often due to the stretched-out skin left behind on the body. After weight loss surgery generally leaves patients with skin that cannot shrink to fit the new slimmer figure.

No matter where the skin deformity resides, surgical intervention is necessary to reduce the issue. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs skin removal cosmetic surgery for New Jersey patients. This usually is a life-changing procedure and is also a final step in their personal transformation.

Ideal Candidates for After Weight Loss Surgery

The best individuals for skin removal surgery are those who are dealing with loose skin due to a massive weight loss or fluctuation. Generally, this challenge is noticed early on as the body gets smaller. If you have hanging, loose skin, after weight loss surgery can remove the issue and secure the underlying tissue for a tighter and healthier appearance. It is recommended that patients be at a healthy weight before undergoing this surgery.

SMITA R. RAMANADHAM, M.D. – Female Plastic Surgeon
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Smita R. Ramanadham, M.D. – Female Plastic Surgeon

As a New Jersey native, Dr. Smita Ramanadham understands the unique goals of women and men in the New Jersey Area. After a successful academic career at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. she is excited to be back in her home state.

Dr. Ramanadham completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery training at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX, nationally ranked number one by Doximity for their plastic surgery program. Here, she trained directly under the world’s leading experts.

She serves as an active member of The Aesthetic Society, a highly esteemed society representing the most qualified group of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Additionally, she serves as an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and values the opportunity to improve the field of plastic surgery on a greater scale. Here she serves on multiple national committees, including, Women Plastic Surgeons, Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Social Medial Subcommittee, Wellness Task Force, and Coding and Payment Policy Committee.

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After Weight Loss Surgery Technique

Cosmetic skin removal surgery is generally considered an invasive treatment. This surgery utilizes general anesthesia and can take between 3 – 7 hours, depending on how many procedures are being performed. In most cases, a hospital stay is necessary. Fat removal is often used during the procedure to remove isolated fat pockets, followed by skin excision.

Surgical skin removal does require longer incisions than less invasive cosmetic procedures so scarring will be a part of this treatment. During this procedure, every effort is made by Dr. Ramanadham to make the incisions as discreet as possible. Dr. Ramanadham or a member of her team will give you in-depth scar care instructions for a healthy outcome.

What To Expect

When you are released from the surgery center, you will need to take a few days to rest at home. Small tubes may be placed near the incisions to help minimize swelling and for drainage, and compression garments will be provided to also limit swelling. On average, it takes about 2 – 4 weeks until you will feel good enough to resume everyday activities, but considering the treatment plan, it may take longer.

Dr. Ramanadham finds that most of her patients are healed in around six months. This surgery can be life changing for patients with visible results that are immediate. Once healed, you will be able to wear the clothing you desire and move freely without excess skin slowing you down.

After Weight Loss Surgery FAQ

Below are the most common questions we receive about after weight loss surgery:

How much does after weight loss surgery cost?

Total costs for after weight loss surgery varies based on what is included in your treatment plan. In your initial consultation, Dr. Ramanadham will create your personalized treatment plan to fit your areas of concern. When this is determined, she can then estimate your costs, which will include facility fees, anesthesia, care before and after your surgery, and more.

In order for you to concentrate on getting great results from a trusted plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ramanadham, we take several payment methods and can help you find low-interest medical financing.

Can I use insurance to pay for my after weight loss surgery?

In a majority of cases, insurance companies will not pay for the costs of elective surgery. Although, policies do vary and may provide coverage if excess skin is deemed a medical problem. If you are planning to submit a claim to your insurance company, please let Dr. Ramanadham know in your consultation. She can give you the necessary paperwork and information to submit to your insurance provider.

What will be included in my after weight loss surgery?

Common areas that are addressed in this procedure are the stomach, butt, upper thighs, arms, breasts, and neck. In your initial consultation, Dr. Ramanadham will understand your needs and concerns before completing an exam. When this is done, she will give you her suggestions on what needs to be part of your surgery.

When should I receive my after weight loss surgery?

During the process of losing weight, the areas of excess skin will become more obvious and it is usually a good time to schedule your initial consultation at our New Jersey facility. In this initial consultation, Dr. Ramanadham will discuss what you should do before your after weight loss surgery and what areas should be part of your treatment plan. Before scheduling this procedure, you need to be at or near your goal weight.

What will my recovery be like after surgery?

The length of your recovery will depend on the extent of your surgery. If you had several areas treated, you should plan more time for your recovery. In your initial consultation, Dr. Ramanadham will let you know what you can expect after surgery and give you tips to make you feel more comfortable. Appointments for follow-up exams at our facility should be scheduled so Dr. Ramanadham can assess your healing progress.

Reach Your Goals

Losing weight is such a tremendous accomplishment, and we are so happy for you to have finally met your specific goals. If loose and hanging skin is a current challenge, Dr. Ramanadham invites you to learn more about your alternatives for after weight loss surgery. After weight loss surgery could further transform your body and help you to meet and surpass all of the outstanding goals you made for yourself. You could also add in a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or mommy makeover.

Contact us in New Jersey for more information and hear your options.


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