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Online Consult Instructions New Jersey


Instructions for Virtual Consultations:

Prior to your virtual consultation the following must be completed, if any portion is not completed prior to the virtual consultation we will have to reschedule:

Step 1-Upload the patient care app that was sent to you via text message from our office.

(Your username is your phone number and it will direct you to set up a password).

Step 2-Follow the link sent to you via email to fill out online new patient paperwork.

Step 3-In a separate email, you will receive attached consents, please review these consents    and reply to the email that you agree to the consents and type your name and date.

Step 4-Upload any pictures to the HIPPA protected app (see directions below)

Instructions to Log Into Virtual Consultations:

  • At the time of your appointment, log on to the patient app (Symplast patient)
  • Select the menu bar (top left corner)
  • Select appointments
  • Choose the appointment date and time
  • Select join, this will link you to Dr. Ramanadham virtually.

Instructions to Upload Pictures Prior to Virtual Consultation:

  • Have your picture taken (of the intended treatment area) by a family member or friend if possible using your phone. (If you do not have someone to take pictures for you, try to use the timer option on your phone or try your best to capture the intended treatment area yourself).
  • Try to capture the following: anterior, oblique, and lateral views of the intended treatment area
  • Log on to the patient app (make sure you have already signed up for the app).
  • On the home screen, select multimedia.
  • Select all media
  • Select gallery from the menu on the bottom, select the pictures from your gallery you wish to use.
  • Select Done, then upload. This will upload your pictures to the app.
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