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Essential Tips for Breast Implants Before and After

Breast Implants Before And After

Check out any successful breast implants before and after photos, and you’ll instantly see what a difference well-proportioned breast implants can make for a person’s figure.

If you are planning a breast implant surgery for yourself — whether you are still in the early stages of preparation or your surgery date is very near — this article is for you. Below, we’ll go over essential tips for the before and after stages of your breast augmentation journey.

These tips are aimed at the vast majority of patients and apply in many situations, but do keep in mind that procedural instructions vary from surgeon to surgeon. So, always go with the instructions and guidelines provided to you directly by your surgeon.

Before and After Breast Implants: Preparing Mentally and Physically

Plastic surgeons all agree that preparation prior to any type of plastic surgery is critical. Naturally, there will be specific instructions, unique to you, that your plastic surgeon will provide you with.

For instance, some patients may need to cease or alter certain supplements and medications. Others may require additional screening tests such as blood draws or scans.

In a more general sense, though, there is also a long list of things you can do at home, on your own, to make the entire experience of surgery (and your recovery) much smoother, easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you move toward surgery:

13 Tips When Preparing for Breast Augmentation

#1 – Set Realistic Expectations

Discuss your goals and expectations with your board certified plastic surgeon to establish realistic outcomes and understand the limitations of the procedure.

#2 – Quit Smoking

Quit smoking several weeks before your procedure. Smoking can impede healing.

#3 – Undergo a Thorough Consultation

Attend your consultation appointment with an open mind. Ask questions, review your options, and address any concerns before making decisions.

#4 – Consider Implant Type and Size

There are different types of breast implant shapes. Work closely with your surgeon to determine the right implant type, size, and shape that align with your desired results and body proportions. In some cases, it can be quite cumbersome and expensive to make changes if you end up unsatisfied.

#5 – Review Surgical Techniques

Discuss surgical techniques, such as breast implant incision placement and implant positioning, to make informed choices about your procedure’s details. There are also the differences between the various types of implants to consider as well when preparing for your surgery.

#6 – Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Prioritize a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimize your overall health and support a smooth recovery process.

#7 – Arrange for Transportation Following Your Surgery

Plan for someone you trust to drive you home after the procedure. You may be groggy from anesthesia and unable to drive yourself.

#8 – Prepare for Recovery at Home

Create a comfortable recovery space at home with essentials like soft clothing, pillows, chargers, entertainment, and any prescribed medications.

#9 – Plan for Time Off

Plan for sufficient time off work or school to allow for proper healing and a stress-free recovery.

#10 – Do Emotional Preparation

Recognize that breast augmentation can have emotional aspects, and seek support from friends and family to help you through the process if you find that you’re struggling.

#11 – Discuss Breastfeeding Plans (if Applicable)

If you plan to have children in the future, discuss your breastfeeding goals with your surgeon to make informed decisions about your surgery.

#12 – Learn About Recovery

Educate yourself about the post-operative recovery process. This includes gaining knowledge of a general timeline, potential discomfort and swelling, the need for rest, and more.

#13 – Arrange Postoperative Care

Coordinate postoperative care, including transportation to follow-up appointments. Many patients will enlist help from a friend or family member during the initial days of recovery.

Q&A: Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Is it safe to have breast implants before and after nursing?

Before And After Breast ImplantsHaving breast implants before and after nursing can be safe, but it’s important to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon and pregnancy medical provider who can assess your individual circumstances and provide guidance.

If you do not have implants yet and are considering them, the timing of your procedure may vary based on factors such as your health, breastfeeding goals, and your surgeon’s recommendations to achieve the best results.

Is it safe to have breast implants before and after pregnancy?

If you have a choice between getting breast implants before and after pregnancy, it’s generally advisable to wait until after pregnancy and breastfeeding to achieve more stable and predictable results. This is because pregnancy can lead to changes in breast size and shape, which may affect the outcome of your procedure.

With that said, it should be generally safe for a woman to be pregnant with implants. Just be sure to let your medical provider know that you have implants, and talk to them about any concerns you may have.

How is a breast lift different from breast implants?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is actually an entirely different surgical process from breast augmentation. A breast lift, as the name implies, lifts sagging breasts and removes excess skin.

A breast augmentation (breast lift surgery) increases the volume of breasts by adding breast implants. There is also a fat transfer breast augmentation option for more modest breast size increases.

Can you get a breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time?

Yes. In fact, a breast lift with implants is a commonly performed plastic surgery. If a breast lift with implants interests you, start by taking a look at breast lift with implants before and after photos to help yourself visualize potential outcomes.

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Breast Implants Before And After NursingBreast augmentation — whether performed to increase a woman’s breast volume, change the shape of her breasts, balance out uneven breasts, or reconstruct breasts after a mastectomy — can be an absolutely life-changing procedure.

Female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham has performed countless breast augmentations at her New Jersey practice. She can help you find implants that fit your body, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. She will advise you on everything you need to know for proper preparation before your procedure, expectations after your surgery, and breast augmentation price as well. Call us today to schedule your personal consultation appointment with Dr. Ramanadham.


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