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Labiaplasty Cost Breakdown

Labiaplasty Cost

Labiaplasty cost can vary for numerous reasons ranging from the experience of your surgeon to the cost of living in the city where you plan to get surgery. Ultimately, you need the surgeon themselves to tell you how much the full cost of your labiaplasty surgery will be. Online estimates can only go so far.

However, what we can provide in this blog post is a brief breakdown of the major costs that go into labiaplasty cosmetic surgery. Up ahead, we’ll also discuss the importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon and not simply going with the most inexpensive estimate you can find.

How Much Does Labiaplasty Cost?

As we stated in the introduction, how much does a labiaplasty surgery cost can very widely based on a multitude of factors. These factors are important to understand because a shift in just one of them can drastically alter the price you need to pay for your procedure.

Surgeon’s Fee

Most of the time, the biggest chunk of your bill is going to come from the surgeons fee. Your surgeon will be doing most of the work on your procedure, including seeing you for a consultation, outlining your options based on your anatomy and desired outcome, planning out the procedure, performing the procedure, and monitoring your progress with follow up appointments.

Surgeons fees usually depend on the level of experience that your cosmetic surgeon has. Someone who is right out of school and who has just achieved their board certification will typically charge less than someone who is very experienced and has a lot of labiaplasty before and after photos to prove their success rate.

Location InfluenceLabiaplasty Surgery Cost

Patients are often surprised to learn that the city and state where a given plastic surgery is performed will also influence the cost of the procedure.

In places where the cost-of-living is high, everything is going to be expensive — from a hamburger and fries to cosmetic surgery. And this includes labiaplasty.

Operation Costs

Your labiaplasty operation itself will also incur a number of individual costs. Wherever you undergo cosmetic surgeries, they are going to charge you for the use of their facility. So, if you have your labiaplasty at a hospital, you’re going to have to pay the hospital for use of their facilities, equipment, supplies, operating rooms, staff, etc.

Occasionally, a surgeon may have an accredited operating room at their practice, but this is rather rare. Most plastic surgeons will have privileges at a local hospital or an ambulatory surgery center that offers same-day surgical care.

In addition to facility fees, you’ll also need to pay for either general anesthesia or local anesthesia and for any specialized equipment or technology used during the surgery.

A labiaplasty procedure for enlarged labia minora — or any type of vaginal rejuvenation procedure for that matter — may involve the use of lasers, ultrasound technology, liposuction equipment, and more.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Surgeon

Although the cost of labiaplasty is indeed an important factor when it comes to making your decision about a surgeon, it shouldn’t be the only factor you think about.

Most patients know that the quality of your surgeon truly matters. Still, some labiaplasty patients may decide to play fast and loose with their own health and choose a surgeon who is less than qualified for their surgical procedure.

To begin, it’s critical to choose only a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your rejuvenation labiaplasty. This certification may make the cost of labiaplasty go up, but it’s well worth it.

Board certified surgeons have proven their skill and knowledge in all areas of plastic surgery and have logged countless hours of training and the completion of two very difficult exams to prove it.

Next, make sure your surgeon regularly performs labiaplasty cosmetic procedures to remove excess labial tissue. Many women forget to ask their surgeons if they frequently perform this procedure. Knowing how and doing it often can be two very different things.

Finally, you want to have a good relationship with your surgeon. They should make you feel comfortable and confident about choosing them.

FAQ: Labiaplasty

Does labiaplasty reduce the size of the labia majora?

No, typically, a labiaplasty cosmetic procedure reduces the size of the inner lips or labia minora. The labia majora or outer lips can be reduced in size (usually with liposuction) as a separate form of vaginal rejuvenation.

Labiaplasty Cost Near MeWhat is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is not one single plastic surgery procedure performed on the female genitalia.

Rather, it is an umbrella of vaginal rejuvenation procedures that can be performed to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin from the folds of the inner labia; to reduce the size of the clitoral hood; to reduce the size of the labia majora; or to tighten the vaginal canal.

When can I have sex after labiaplasty?

Once the excess labial skin has been removed, you need to wait at least four weeks or longer to have sexual intercourse or use a tampon. Check with your surgeon to know for sure.

What does labiaplasty cost near me?

Costs vary from state to state and city to city. If you plan to undergo labiaplasty in the New Jersey area, call board certified surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham’s office today to book your consultation.

Does insurance cover labiaplasty surgery?

Health insurance providers may provide insurance coverage for labiaplasty if medical reasons exist such as needed reconstructive surgery, hygiene issues, pain, physical discomfort or other medical problems.

How long is the recovery time from a labiaplasty procedure?

Labiaplasty recovery usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, swelling decreases, discomfort diminishes, and patients gradually return to normal activities.

How much does laser labiaplasty cost?

The average labiaplasty cost will vary from patient to patient and surgery to surgery. Laser labiaplasty requires specialized technology, but it’s difficult to estimate these labiaplasty costs until you meet with your surgeon in person for a consultation.

Could I include a labiaplasty in my mommy makeover?

Yes, you could include labiaplasty as one of your plastic surgeries in a mommy makeover package.  Other popular procedures to include are breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction.

Request a Consultation Appointment

If you are struggling with excess skin on your labia minora and are seeking a labiaplasty procedure to improve your comfort and confidence, female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham can help.

Call today to arrange your consultation with Dr. Ramanadham and find out if you’re a good candidate for labiaplasty.


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