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Medical Grade Skin Care: What’s the Big Deal?

I frequently have patients walk into my office, longing to have a younger, rejuvenated face that makes friends and family turn their heads. They want to age gracefully – entirely understandable.

Because I’m a plastic surgeon, my patients usually have surgical treatments in mind to turn back the clock – perhaps a facelift or eyelid lift. Or, they want Botox or dermal fillers.

I perform these procedures regularly, but before I do, I ask about their skincare regimen.

They often arch their brows in surprise. Patients usually say they have an effective skincare routine that they’ve used for years – retinol, vitamin C, sunscreen – now let’s move on to the surgical procedures!

Not so fast! I delve into their skincare routine because what they use and how is incredibly important. I usually discover most of their ‘tried-and-true’ skin creams and solutions are bought from a typical drugstore or department store.

Skincare products purchased in regular stores are made for the general public. They have a lovely fragrance and many moisturizers. Most of them sit on the skin’s surface and make it feel soft. But there’s a problem!

Products with retinol and other popular ‘medications’ have ultra-low concentrations, so a doctor doesn’t need to monitor them. And take a look at the fancy packages these store-bought products come in. They usually are stored in clear jars and bottles that you must open.

But every time you open a bottle of retinol, its efficacy diminishes from oxidation. So you might be convinced your skin is getting the help it needs, but it isn’t.

Those products are good for moisturizing and care certainly better than nothing. But there are better ways to achieve fresher, younger-looking skin without cosmetic procedures.

The secret is medical grade skincare.

Many patients don’t realize that most of the advances in skincare science come from the work of medical-grade skincare companies. The ingredients and formulas used are usually similar in strength and potency to prescription skincare products, and they’re proven effective with exhaustive testing and clinical trials.

Let’s take a closer look at medical-grade skincare products and why I recommend my patients incorporate one or more of these products into their regular skincare routine.

What Makes Medical Grade Skincare Products Better?

After all the skincare marketing they’re exposed to, it’s understandable when my clients swear by their skincare products purchased at drugstores. But medical grade products are better!

These products and formulations are extensively studied, and the efficacy data is published in peer-reviewed medical journals. They’re also tested in thousands of patients with various skin types and then are compared to a placebo group.

This process with a placebo group ensures that the medical-grade product is doing what it’s claimed to do. For instance, the trial makes sure that the patient’s skin is getting the retinol and related ingredients in sufficient concentrations to enhance skin quality.

Medical Grade Products Penetrate To The Deeper Skin Layers

These potent skincare products don’t merely sit on the surface of your skin and moisturize; they’re absorbed by the skin and treat it.

Over time, these research-backed products improve skin health, replenish collagen, reduce melanin production, protect the skin from wrinkle-causing UV rays, unclog skin pores, and much more.

They make the skin healthier from the inside out so it begins to produce natural oils to moisten and soften the skin on its own.

Of course, even medical-grade products take time to produce results. Because ingredient concentrations are higher, you might notice minor skin irritations for a few weeks. But don’t worry!

This is part of the acclimation process, as many impurities work their way to the skin surface instead of being buried under dead skin cells. So, as you apply these highly effective products, the healthy skin underneath will reach the surface, and the impurities are eliminated.

The strength of these medical-grade products is why they’re primarily sold in doctors’ and surgeons’ offices so we can watch how your skin is reacting to them.

Ready For A Big Change?

Medical grade skincare products usually cost about the same as what you find in fancy department stores, and sometimes less! If you invest in the best skincare products on the market, you can keep your skin softer and healthier for years.

And you’re less likely to need a significant surgical procedure to make you look younger. Maybe in the future, but let’s see what some powerful skincare products can do first.

Ready to give medical-grade skincare a try? Contact me today!

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