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The Evolution of Breast Implants – Why Smaller Is Trending

Breast implants don’t need to be large to give a woman a better look. Smaller implants are trending because they can enhance the symmetry, shape, and projection of the breasts without looking like you had ‘work done.’

If you are thinking about smaller breast implants, below are some reasons they are becoming more popular.


Some people don’t mind that others know they have had a breast augmentation, but others value their privacy more. Having smaller breast implants – sometimes combined with a breast lift – allows a woman to enhance her contours without getting too much attention.

Having more subtle implants can be particularly important to women who are focused on their careers. Getting bigger implants can affect how women are perceived on the job, so sometimes, smaller and more subtle procedures are a better option.

Subtlety Is In

In recent years, subtle breast implants have become so popular that many celebrities are swapping their large implants for smaller ones.

Women are thinking more about the long-term effects of large implants, asking themselves if they’ll want to have D-cup-sized implants when they are older. Getting smaller implants means there is less chance of needing revision surgery down the road.

Improved Results

To make the enhanced breasts look as natural as possible, surgeons try their best to combine the edges of the breast implants with the natural breast tissue.

The top part of the breast implant is usually put just under the chest muscle, and the bottom part is covered with breast tissue and fat.

But covering bigger implants is more challenging than small ones, especially if the woman has naturally smaller breasts. Larger implants can look unnaturally large and round or sit too high on the chest than smaller ones.

Some women also have more sagging issues with larger implants. It’s important to remember that the body continues to age after breast augmentation, and large implants are more likely to sag as the years go by.

Also, women often find that smaller breast implants are more flattering on more petite women. Conversely, large implants can look overwhelming and artificial on a woman with a more petite frame. Some women don’t mind that, but others do.


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More Lifestyle Options

Many women these days are enjoying more active lifestyles than women from decades ago. One recent study found that more than 60% of Millennials and Generation Z were exercising regularly. In addition, larger breasts tend to make intense exercise more difficult and can lead to long-term back and shoulder injuries.

Different Goals

When breast augmentation started in the 1960s, the idea was usually to make the breast larger. But we have learned over time that breast implants have more uses than just increasing size.

Breast implants provide support for natural breast tissue, and this can make the breasts appear perkier and rounder without adding two or three cup sizes. Implants also can address aesthetic problems, such as asymmetry and sagging.

Many women turn to smaller breast implants to enhance their natural contours, hoping to look like contemporary models such as Gigi Hadid.

Also, older women who have experienced dramatic weight loss or pregnancy may choose breast implants to supplant lost breast volume as they age. This is one reason that breast implants are a standard part of a mommy makeover.


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Which Size Is Best For You?

When you think about large vs. small breast implants, it’s vital to consider the many factors that can affect your results. A board-certified plastic surgeon will consider each of these factors when they help you determine which size is ideal for you.

If you have a more petite frame and work out a lot, you may want to think about getting smaller implants.

Also, some women need to consider how having larger implants will affect how they are perceived in the workplace. Many women want the focus to be on their intellect and skills, not on their appearance.

However, some women are pleased with larger implants because it gives them the hourglass shape they have always dreamed of. And some women may enjoy the attention that larger implants may bring.

Whichever you choose, it’s vital to carefully think over what your goals and desires are for your breast augmentation. After all, once you have implants, the only way to change your mind is to have a breast revision.

Request A Breast Implant Consultation

Considering breast augmentation surgery? Dr. Smita. R. Ramanadham can help you obtain the results you want. Dr. Ramanadham will go over your options, goals, and more to determine if you’re a good candidate for breast implants.


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