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Tips for Breast Reduction Before and After

Breast Reduction Before and After

A breast reduction before and after photo gallery can only show the visual improvements this surgery can achieve. Beyond this, patients report drastically improved comfort, reduced pain, and more confidence.

If you’ve been thinking about a breast reduction due to the adverse effects of having excessively large breasts, prepare yourself for surgery with these breast reduction surgery before and after tips.

#1 – Make sure you’re a good candidate for surgery.

Women seeking breast reduction surgery will often complain of neck, back, and shoulder pain as well as skin irritation due to uncomfortable bra straps, chafing beneath the breasts and on the arms, and even serious rashes.

In addition to physical ailments, large breasts and excess breast tissue can often cause patients to lack confidence. It can be difficult shopping, wearing swimsuits, or exercising in public. Often, patients receive unwanted attention, which can be embarrassing and cause limiting self beliefs.Before And After Breast Reduction

#2 – Research the right surgical technique for you.

There are different approaches to breast reduction surgery, depending on what your anatomy looks like now and what your desired outcome is.

A key decision you’ll need to make is how much breast tissue you would like removed. Basically, you’ll need to decide how large you want your breasts after surgery.

You should also decide how much of a lift you want. The majority of breast reduction surgeries include a lift and nipple adjustment. Look up breast reduction and lift before and after photos to see examples of breast reduction with lift surgery.

#3 – Choose the best plastic surgeon.

Many breast reduction patients are unaware that any surgeon can claim themselves as a breast reduction surgeon. What you really want is a board certified plastic surgeon.

This means that they’ve undergone the rigorous training associated with their field, and they’ve passed both an oral and a written exam after many hours of intense skill-building and training.

Naturally, you also want someone who specializes in breast reduction surgery. Feel free to ask your surgeon how many breast reductions they typically perform in a month.

Also, take a look at their before and after galleries. Make sure you like the results they’ve achieved with past patients an that you understand what a healed breast reduction surgery will look like.

#4 – Enlist help from family and friends.

Breast reduction recovery tends to be relatively easy, but you will need to take some time off work and take it easy for a few days. During this time, it may help to have some assistance around the house.

If you need to run errands, take care of small children, cook meals, or do other tasks, it can be difficult to fulfill these roles on your own when you’re still healing. Most close friends and family members will be eager and willing to help.

#5 – Follow up with your surgeon as needed.

Recovery times vary following breast reduction surgery. If you have any serious symptoms, do not hesitate to get in touch with your surgeon as soon as possible.

Likewise, be sure to go to every one of your scheduled followup appointments. Your surgeon will check that you’re progressing nicely.

FAQ: Breast Reduction Surgery

Does breast reduction leave scars?Breast Reduction And Lift Before And After

Yes, scars are a part of surgery. They will, however, fade with time. To see what breast reduction scars typically look like, please see our before and after breast reduction pictures.

Can breasts grow back after breast reduction surgery?

Typically, no. Once fat and glandular tissue are removed, the results should be long lasting as it should not grow back.

However, if there is significant weight gain or a pregnancy, your breast size may indeed increase. For this reason, surgeons emphasize the importance of maintaining a steady weight following surgery.

What is the most common size after breast reduction?

Generally, patients experience a decrease of one or two cup sizes.  The lowest limit reduction typically achieves an A cup size.

Request a Consultation With Dr. Ramanadham

Many plastic surgery patients who have toyed with the idea of breast reduction surgery have unanswered questions and concerns about the procedure itself, breast reduction recovery, breast reduction cost, and more.

Online information about breast surgery can only take you so far. If you are serious about pursuing this plastic surgery, it’s time to book a consultation appointment. Breast reduction patients continually report satisfaction with their choice to undergo this life changing procedure.

Call our office today for your first step toward your personal consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham. And in the meantime, please have a look at our before and after breast reduction photo gallery.


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