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What to Look for in Chin Lipo Before and After Photos

Neck Fat

When it comes to plastic surgery, before and after photos can seem like a dime a dozen. Of course the patients look better in their “after” photos, right? What plastic surgeon would put a poor side-by-side comparison on their website?

Still, before and after side-by-sides do have value. You just have to know what to look for. 

Take chin lipo before and after photos, for example. Chin liposuction, also known as neck liposuction or jawline liposuction, removes excess fat from the chin and neck for a more defined jawline. It can rid of a double chin. 

Chin liposuction can create breathtaking results, and virtually all plastic surgeons who perform this procedure have pictures on their website, showing patients who underwent liposuction at their practice. 

As you peruse these pictures, try not to just breeze through them. Instead, we recommend you take special notice of the following 5 things. Ultimately, doing so can help you select the ideal plastic surgeon for you.

Things to Look for in Double Chin Removal Before and After Pictures

#1 – Patients who are similar to you

There may be many attractive before and after chin lipo pictures available for the plastic surgeon you are considering. But try to find examples of patients who are like you. 

For example, if you are a female in your early 20s, look for a young woman around the same age, with a similar build and skin tone. In this case, pictures of older patients aren’t going to accurately show you what your results could look like after fat removal.

Narrowing in on patients who have similar attributes will allow you to see the results this plastic surgeon can provide on someone with similarly aged skin and with the same overall build.

#2 – Consistent lighting

You’d be surprised at how much difference lighting can make in two different photos of just the neck region. Someone can look entirely different just with some lighting tweaks. If you find a plastic surgeon who doesn’t have consistent lighting from photo to photo, it’s not necessarily for nefarious reasons — perhaps they just took the before and after photographs in two different locations. 

However, it’s ideal to have the same lighting for both photos so that you can see what real changes have been made for the patient in the neck region, without wondering if the lighting has distorted the outcome.

#3 – Consistent poses and photographic angles

Submental liposuction before and afters are usually photographed from the side so that you can see the profile of the patient and how their chin and neck look different after surgery. 

Of course, any patient who has underwent chin liposuction is also going to look better from the front and different angles. But again, we went to see consistent photographs so that we know the only variable changing from the first photograph to the second photograph is the chin liposuction surgery.

#4 – Few, if any, scars

Scars from chin liposuction are generally very faint, if noticeable at all. Usually, there is only one small incision made just below the point of the chin, which is hard to see and often blends in seamlessly with the patient’s skin. 

Sometimes, an additional incision may be made behind each ear as well, but again these shouldn’t be noticeable. If you notice any glaring scars in the “after” chin lipo photos you’re looking at, this is probably a red flag.

#5 – Results you like

Finally, don’t stress and just look at the photos and see if you like the way patients generally appear after they’ve had the surgery. Are the results significant? Is the excess fat gone? Are their chin and neck symmetrical? Does the patient look natural?

If you like the overall results and you like the surgeon (and they’re board certified and have extensive experience), they are most likely a great option for you.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

As you go about choosing your plastic surgeon, in addition to examining neck liposuction before and after pictures, there are several other considerations we recommend making as well. 

  • Board certification. Any plastic surgeon you consider should be board-certified by the appropriate accredited governing bodies. This ensures that your surgeon has received adequate technical training prior to performing surgery.
  • Experience with chin and neck surgery. Most any plastic surgeon can choose to perform chin and neck liposuction, but not everyone does. Moreover, some plastic surgeons may have only recently added this procedure to their available surgeries, which means they may not have carried out the actual procedure very many times. Chin liposuction is not the same as getting a chin implant or a neck left. Naturally, you want a surgeon who has performed the chin lipo procedure you are looking into many times with excellent results.
  • Bedside manner. Good bedside manner isn’t just something that family doctors need to have. Plastic surgeons should also have a composed and congenial attitude when working with patients. It is important that you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon. You should never feel like you can’t ask questions or speak with them about a concern.
  • Thorough consultation appointments. Just as you want to be able to relate well to your plastic surgeon, you should also feel like you are getting the attention you need and deserve. Consultation appointments should include one-on-one time with your surgeon. They should ask you questions, take notes, explain important aspects of the procedures you are discussing, and be open to answering any questions you may have.
  • Positive ratings and reviews. In addition to seeing positive results in before and after pictures, you also want to hear positive reviews from past patients. Many plastic surgeons will post their ratings and reviews on their websites so that you can read what types of experiences past patients have had.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Chin Liposuction

Has chin liposuction been on your mind? Do you find yourself often covering your chin and neck with your hands or wearing turtlenecks and scarves to hide neck fat?

An increasing number of men and women are turning to chin and neck liposuction to improve the appearance of excess fat beneath the chin and along the jaw line. It’s often preferred to neck lift surgery. A simple neck lipo procedure can create a world of difference in your appearance — not just from the side, but from any angle.

Dr. Smita Ramanadham provides top quality surgical care to patients looking to improve their neck line and create a sharper jawline with chin lipo. She is board certified and well-experienced with this and other procedures. 

If you would like to find out if you’re a good candidate for neck liposuction, please contact Dr. Smita’s office today to book a consultation appointment.


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