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Liposuction – Patient #2

  • New Jersey Liposuction Anterior Before


  • New Jersey Liposuction Anterior After


  • New Jersey Liposuction Posterior Before


  • New Jersey Liposuction Posterior After


    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Age: 37 year old female

    Patient expressed she does exercise regularly but, she has thought about receiving this procedure for a long time to address excess fat and cellulite. Patient states though she exercises regularly she cannot lose the extra areas of fat. She mainly wanted to address her upper arms. After further discussion and consulting with Dr.Smita the patient proceeded with the liposuction procedure

    During the procedure, Dr.Smita was able to remove excess fat through the incisions sites that were made and inserting the liposuction cannula. After the procedure the patient’s recovery went smoothly. Patient did not experience any pain. The Patient wore compression garments during the recovery process to help maintain tightness. Patient stated she was very happy with her results and improvement in her figure.

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