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Liposuction – Patient #5

  • AM before front


  • front after


  • am before oblique


  • oblique after


  • am before lateral


  • lateral after


    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 136 lbs

    Age 47 year old female

    Patient expressed she does exercise daily and maintains a well balanced diet, but despite being at her lowest weight she still has fullness in her abdomen. After further discussion and consulting with Dr. Smita the patient proceeded with the liposuction procedure.

    During the procedure, Dr. Smita was able to remove excess fat via liposuction cannula through the incisions sites that were strategically made. After the procedure the patient’s recovery went smoothly. The patient wore compression garments during the recovery process to help maintain tightness and reduce swelling. Patient stated she was very happy with her results and improvement in her figure.

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