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Skin by Dr Smita


Smile Your Way to Healthier Skin – some may call it destiny but Smita means smile in Sanskrit. SKIN by Dr. Smita, was designed to do just that: Make your skin smile!


SKIN by DR. SMITA is a proprietary medical-grade skin care line created by Dr. Smita to boost and brighten the skin. Throughout her career, she has noticed several large gaps in the medical-grade skin care industry including effective products for the eyes and neck, both of which are often overlooked yet generally tend to show early signs of aging. This line focuses on delivering skin care that is focused on women during pregnancy*, as well, with products rich in antioxidants. Skin care should be fun and not a chore, the addition of Pleasantly Plump Lip Gloss, C| Mist, and Pretty Little Eyes is a sure way to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The anti-aging serums are light and absorb without leaving a residue or greasy feeling; the sunscreens are barely there and do not leave you smelling like you are going to the beach when you are actually going to work!

Helping you feel confident in your own skin is what SKIN by DR. SMITA is designed to do!

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