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Celebrity Chin Liposuction Secrets

It’s no secret that many celebrities get work done. From Jamie Lee Curtis Kim Kardashian, and Dwayne Johnson to Ariel Winter and Courtney Cox, it’s not uncommon for stars to suddenly turn up on the red carpet looking slightly different than you remember them. Almost always, the changes are phenomenal — celebs look closer to Greek gods than mere mortals. 

Take chin liposuction, for example.

While not absolutely confirmed, if you Google “celebrity chin liposuction before and after pictures”, you’ll see it’s rumored that everyone from Chrissy Tiegan and Charlize Theron to Khloe Kardashian and Bristol Palin have had this procedure. That’s because chin liposuction can benefit almost everyone who has the least bit of excess fat beneath their chin. It’s a procedure that creates stunning results with little to no scarring.

So, why can’t we absolutely confirm these celebrities have had this procedure?

Most of the time, the work is that good. Rarely, will you ever find a celebrity chin liposuction scar in sight. 

In fact, this is how it is with almost all celebrity plastic surgeries. Sure, this is because celebrities can choose from the best plastic surgeons. But it’s also because they have insider tips on how to achieve optimal results.

The stars know all the secrets. 

Secrets of the Stars: How to Get Celebrity Chin Liposuction Results

Celebrity Chin LiposuctionChin liposuction is the removal of unwanted fat from the neck area beneath the chin. Men and women may have excess fat in this area because of genetics, a significant change in weight, aging, or other reasons. 

There’s not anything unusual about storing excess fat beneath the chin, but it’s often an undesirable look for many people. Unfortunately, this cosmetic issue can only be addressed via surgery. While some individuals who are overweight or obese to begin with could lose weight to get rid of excess submental fat (fat located beneath the jaw or chin), many people who are in great shape still struggle with this problem.

The chin liposuction procedure itself — also known as submental liposuction — is fairly straightforward. Minute incisions are generally made behind each ear and beneath the chin. Through these incisions, your plastic surgeon will insert a thin metal tube called a cannula, which will agitate the fat and draw it out from the submental area.

Below are three tips for ensuring excellent results from your submental liposuction.

Tip #1 – Choose the right plastic surgeon.

Often, when individuals have a limited budget, they may be taken in by plastic surgeons who claim to be able to perform their desired procedure for a lower amount. It is important not to be tempted by these offers. They are often presented by subpar plastic surgeons. Celebrities never choose a plastic surgeon who doesn’t have a proven track record, extensive training and experience, and thousands of happy patients.

Tip #2 – Be patient as you heal.

Chin Liposuction SecretsCelebrities have the luxury of taking huge chunks of time away from their work and normal activities so that they can fully heal from plastic surgery. This is highly effective for achieving desirable results.

Take off as much time as you can from work after your surgery. During this time, follow all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully, and get as much help as you can from friends, relatives, or hired professionals.

Celebrities take the healing process extremely seriously, going back to their daily routines very slowly so that all wounds heal fully and they have limited scarring. Take a cue from the stars, and make sure you do the same when healing from your chin liposuction

Tip #3 – Look into additional rehab techniques.

Finally, don’t just allow your body to heal and then go straight back into your normal routine. Instead, discuss other options for optimal recovery with your surgeon.

For example, with chin liposuction, manual massage of the incision areas and the entire treatment area can greatly improve your results. This takes some extra time and energy, but it may be well worth it to get celebrity level outcomes.

Who Are the Female Celebrities Who Have Had Liposuction?

Several female stars have opened up about having liposuction. They include:

  • Susan Sarandon
  • Jaime Lee Curtis
  • Cardi B

Who Are the Male Celebrities Who Have Had Liposuction?

Several male celebs have also opened up about having liposuction. These stars include:

  • Clay Aiken (chin lipo)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Kanye West

Interested in Chin Lipo? Book a Consult with Dr. Smita Ramanadham

Have you been considering chin lipo?

Celebrity chin liposuction results are amazing — and not unattainable for the average person either. It all starts with choosing the right plastic surgeon. 

Dr. Smita Ramanadham has helped countless patients get rid of their double chins and achieve a chiseled and contoured profile with chin liposuction. To learn more about this procedure and find out if you’re a good candidate, contact us today to book a consultation appointment.


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