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Will I Have a Chin Lipo Scar?

Chin lipo scar

A chin liposuction procedure involves the targeted removal of fat from the jawline, double chin, and neck area. Its primary objective is to address the issue of a “double chin” or undesired fullness in the jaw, chin, and neck region. While each patient receives individualized care based on their unique needs, the procedure typically entails liposuction alone.

If you are considering chin liposuction, it is essential to be aware of key details before proceeding. Once you have familiarized yourself with this information, you are likely to have several questions, one of which brings you here: Does chin liposuction result in scarring?

Let’s delve into this topic.


Double chin liposuction scar

Technically speaking, all liposuction procedures leave liposuction scars. Really, whenever there is an incision, there has to be a scar (and chin liposuction requires incisions).

So, if you’re curious about chin lipo scar (also called neck liposuction) , chances are what you really want to know is whether the chin liposuction scars you’ll end up with will be noticeable. And here, we have good news.

Incisions required with Chin liposuction , and thus will result in scars, these chin liposuction scars will be extremely small and nearly invisible.


Every patient is different, so the chin lipo incisions that Dr. Smita makes on any given patient will depend upon their medical history, individual anatomy and their goals for surgery.

With that being said, most patients will end up with one scar in the center of the underside of their chin and sometimes one behind each ear after chin liposuction. While the beneath-the-chin incision may seem like it’s in a central location that will be easily seen, Dr. Smita does an amazing job at making this incision extremely small.

As it heals, most patients find that for most scars the resulting scar is barely noticeable. This is especially true when diligent scar treatment is adhered to post-surgery.

The behind-the-ear incisions are also barely noticeable. They will be covered by the shadows of the ears and the ears themselves. Many people’s hair covers these incision sites as well.

Once a patient has met with Dr. Smita for a consultation appointment and been cleared for surgery, the entire chin liposuction procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. It can be described in six basic steps:

  1. First, you will arrive at the surgical facility and be taken to the operating room for your chin liposuction procedure.
  2. Once your comfort has been ensured and you are lying back, you will be sedated. The chosen sedation steps will have been decided upon between you and Dr. Smita prior to your procedure.
  3. A numbing solution will then be Injected into the chin and neck area.
  4. Once these areas have been adequately numbed, the incisions will be made in the appropriate locations. Again, these incisions will most likely be directly beneath the chin (centered) and behind each ear.
  5. A cannula (a thin hollow tube made of metal) will be inserted into the incisions. Dr. Smita will use this implement to suction out the excess fat.
  6. Once the chin and neck area has been contoured to Dr. Smita’s satisfaction, she will close up each incision with great care, and you will be taken to a recovery room where you will be monitored for several hours before you’re free to go home.


Fortunately, chin lipo has a fairly easy recovery, and your chin liposuction scar should heal well. This is especially true when compared with other liposuction procedures performed elsewhere on the body and other surgeries such as tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation.

In most cases, patients will be able to go back to work and other daily activities within one to three days. In terms of chin liposuction scar healing, this depends on your skin elasticity and other individual skin properties, how extensive your liposuction was, and how well you care for your incision sites.

Most people will have completely healed scars within three months. But sometimes, it can take up to six months to see the full results from the procedure. This is the healing process usually after all of the swelling has finally gone down.

To help your scar heal as well as possible, make sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments with Dr. Smita and heed all of her aftercare instructions closely. Bandages and a chin strap will need to be worn for a short time after surgery. You may also be asked to perform self-massages on the area after some time has passed. This can help to reduce swelling faster and may aid in improving your results.

It’s normal to experience swelling and some light bruising after chin liposuction. While the results of your chin liposuction after 1 week may not be noticeable yet (because of swelling), just give it time.

Within a few months, you’ll be able to see your near-complete results and enjoy your new, attractive facial profile.

Questions and Answers about Double Chin liposuction Scars

Do scars from lipo go away?

In the event of a noticeable chin liposuction scar, it typically manifests as a diminutive dot resembling the size of a freckle. Generally, a scar of such magnitude tends to gradually diminish over the subsequent six months until it becomes imperceptible.

Occasionally, there may be hyperpigmentation at the location of the incision.

Why is my chin still fat after lipo?

In some cases, the presence of pre-existing fat cells in the region can expand, leading to the reappearance of a double chin.

How do you get rid of scars on your chin?

Dermabrasion stands out as a highly effective and widely favored approach for addressing facial scars. Distinguished from over-the-counter microdermabrasion kits, dermabrasion is a procedure conducted by a plastic surgeon.

During this process, a plastic surgeon utilizes a wire brush or wheel to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin on your face.

Does chin lipo leave a scars?

Indeed, scarring is an inherent outcome following submental liposuction, commonly known as chin lipo. The positive aspect is that the resulting scars are remarkably minuscule and, in numerous instances, hardly discernible. This can be attributed to the utilization of remarkably small incisions during chin liposuction surgery.


Whether you have questions about neck liposuction cost or chin liposuction cost, scars, recovery, or other issues, the best way to get accurate, straightforward answers is to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Smita Ramanadham.

Dr. Ramanadham is a highly skilled, double board-certified plastic surgeon. She is well-trained and experienced performing chin lipo and would be happy to discuss with you everything from your candidacy for the procedure to scarring after surgery, the average chin liposuction cost, and more.

To book a consultation appointment with Dr. Ramanadham, please call our office today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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