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How to Analyze Breast Lift Before and After Photos

Breast Lift Before and After

Patients considering a breast lift usually start their search for a plastic surgeon by Googling breast lift before and after photos.

And really, this is an excellent place to begin.

That’s because before and after breast lift photos are the perfect way to discern between mediocre breast lift surgeons and great breast lift surgeons. You can see each surgeon’s past work clearly, and you can visualize how your breasts might look if you choose to work with them.

As you peruse various surgeon’s before and after galleries, we invite you to analyze six key aspects of the photos. By spending some more time on these specific points, your chances of choosing a truly skilled surgeon for your procedure should skyrocket.

1. Start with patients you share similarities with.

You want to find patients who look like you. It’s best if you’re both around the same age and have the same general build and skin type. You also want the patient’s “before” pictures to resemble the breasts you have, if possible.

2. Ensure the photos are well-taken.

Look for pictures that have good quality lighting. The pictures should be sharp, and it should be easy to see details (look for zoomable pictures, if possible).

It’s also important that you see multiple angles of the patients. You want the before and after side-by-sides to be taken from the same distance and the same angle for consistency.Before And After Breast Lift

3. Take note of when the “after” photos were taken.

Patients who have just recovered from breast lift surgery are going to look far different from patients who have been recovered from surgery for many months or even years.

If, for example, a patient has just gotten out of surgery a few weeks ago, their scars are going to be more visible, they’re going to have more swelling, and there may be some unevenness (that will hopefully correct in time). Take that into account as you browse before and after photos.

4. Check the visibility of scars.

Breast lift scars should be next to invisible when possible. Naturally, anyone who knows anything about breast lift surgery knows that the surgery requires notable incisions, and this means scarring. However, the best plastic surgeons are able to conceal these scars well.

5. Symmetry in results is key.

There are some things that simply can’t be avoided with breast lift surgery — even among the top surgeons in the nation. Scarring is one of them (all breast lifts will results in at least some scarring).

However having symmetrical results is really important when it comes to breast lift surgery. You don’t want to have one nipple and areola higher than the other or larger than the other, and breasts must hang evenly off the chest.

6. Ask to see more photos at your consultation appointment.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask a prospective plastic surgeon to see more before and after breast lift photos or clarify any other information provided at your consultation appointment.

Most plastic surgeons will have online photos that are available for everyone to see (18 and older). But they will also have physical photo books in their offices to show patients in person.

FAQ: Breast Lift Surgery

How much did your breast lift cost?

Patients often reveal that friends who want to learn more about their breast lift frequently ask about breast lift cost. And to be sure, breast lift cost is an important concern.

However, there’s no good way to estimate this amount without meeting with your plastic surgeon first. Please book a consultation to get an accurate estimate on the cost of prospective breast lift surgery.

How long will I have to take off work for a breast lift?

The majority of real patients undergoing breast lift surgery take off between three and seven days for breast lift recovery. This is typically the recovery time for a breast augmentation patient as well. Other procedures like liposuction usually require less downtime.

You’ll need to speak with the accessibility manager at your job to know if your leave would be granted under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). For some plastic surgery procedures, the ADA requires granting leave, but not for all elective procedures.Chest Workout Female

When can I exercise after a breast lift?

Strenuous physical activity must be avoided for at least three weeks following your breast lift procedure. However, before you are cleared to exercise, short walks are okay (and encouraged).

When you do start exercising, make sure to go slow and use “breast lift safe movements”. Search “breast lift before and after chest workout female” for some ideas, or directly ask your surgeon for safe exercises to start with.

How long does breast lift last?

Breast lift surgery is long lasting. However, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and aging can still alter your results over time.

For example, if you look up breast lift photos before and after breastfeeding, you’ll see that even with a breast lift, if you have a baby and breastfeed after your surgery, you may still see breast sagging and drooping because the breasts will be re-stretched as they fill with milk.

Of course, most breastfeeding patients will still qualify for additional breast lift work once they are finished breastfeeding if they want to reshape and lift their breasts again.

Contact Us to Book a Personal Consultation

Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs breast lift surgery at her New Jersey practice. Please visit the before and after breast lift gallery section of our website to see examples of Dr. Ramanadham’s breast lift work, and call today to book a consultation for surgery.


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