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How to Find a Good Plastic Surgeon

How To Find A Good Plastic Surgeon

Your choice of the right plastic surgeon is an important one. After all, you’ll live with the results of your procedure for years. You must do your homework and choose the best plastic surgeon you can trust.

Plastic surgery is not just a highly-skilled science; it’s a delicate form of art that requires an eye for detail and a profound grasp of every patient’s needs and anatomy.

However, no matter how artistic or good your surgeon is, many years of experience in a procedure and with many types of patients builds a strong base of knowledge that no book can offer.

Below is more information about the importance of experience in a plastic surgeon and how to find a good Plastic Surgeon.

Why Does Experience Matter?

There are risks with plastic surgery, which is why it’s so vital to choose a skilled and experienced qualified plastic surgeon.

Many doctors and non-doctors may refer to themselves as ‘cosmetic surgeons’ or ‘plastic surgeons’ but lack the qualifications and experience necessary to perform these procedures safely.

It’s the patient’s responsibility to check that the cosmetic surgeon is qualified with extensive experience and has at least five years of surgical training and experience in your procedure.

When you verify that your surgeon has the expertise you need, you can have confidence that your surgery will be safe and provide the best results.

Board Certification

Good Plastic SurgeonOne of the most important ways to find a skilled and experienced surgeon is to look for board certification. It is important your surgeon has adequate plastic surgery certification. When you are talking to surgeons, one of the first questions should be whether they are board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS.

Board-certified plastic surgeons have gone through a rigorous training, clinical and testing process that ensures he or she has years of skill and experience in various cosmetic surgery procedures.

Many people think plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are interchangeable for instance. But a certified cosmetic surgeon has different training and focus than a board-certified plastic surgeon. This is where you  – as a consumer need to know what to look for.

Experience In Procedures You Want

Whether you want a brow lift or labiaplasty, it is vital to choose a highly experienced surgeon in the cosmetic surgery you choose.

As you can imagine, operating on a patient’s nose is different from operating on a breast. That’s why many surgeons have subspecialties in their field.

Some of the questions you may ask when looking for a surgeon for a particular cosmetic surgery procedure are:

  • What kind of training did you get in the procedure that I want?
  • How many years have you been doing this procedure?
  • How many times have you done this procedure in the last five years?
  • Do you have before and after photos of various types of patients who have had this procedure?

By choosing a surgeon experienced in your procedure, you can be confident that you are in the best hands. If you are looking for a breast augmentation, make sure your surgeon has experience in breast surgeries, if you are looking for a Brazilian butt lift, make sure your surgeon is proficient in BBLs, if you are a looking for a mommy makeover, make sure your surgeon has a proven track record with mommy makeovers.

Remember, the consequences of choosing an inexperienced surgeon can be dire; many people who make the wrong choice may end up needing revision surgery and dealing with other complications.

Hospital Privileges

If you have an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, they should have hospital privileges. This is critical because if you have a complication, you may need to go to the hospital, where they can continue to treat you.

Remember, a hospital only grants privileges to practice medicine in the field that you have board certification.

The Right Aesthetic Sense

Finding the best surgeon for you will require a bit of research on your part. Every surgeon has their own style and ideal of what an ideal result may look like.

How do you discover what a surgeon’s aesthetic sense is?

  • Look at their before and after photos. Look at the results of several surgeons and carefully compare them. Which results appeal to you the most?
  • Pay attention to patients who have a similar face or body structure as you. You can make this easier by taking a selfie to consult as you’re comparing photos. For instance, if you want a facelift, look for someone around your age with a similar facial structure, and have some of the same issues (such as bags under the eyes).
  • Check for consistency in the surgeon’s results. Look at many of their before and after photos and decide how you want to look after your procedure.

How The Plastic Surgeon Makes You Feel

Any aesthetic plastic surgery has risks, so it’s essential to trust and feel comfortable with your surgeon. You want to choose a good plastic surgeon that you trust with your safety and results.

Some questions to ask:

  • Do I enjoy talking to this surgeon?
  • How is the surgeon’s bedside manner?
  • Do I trust him or her to recommend what is a safe and proper plastic surgery procedure for me?
  • Would I feel comfortable asking him or her any question I could have during the process?
  • Do I feel okay sharing my medical history and personal habits with this plastic surgeon?

Request A Plastic Surgery Consultation

Considering a plastic surgery procedure in New Jersey? Dr. Smita. R. Ramanadham can help you obtain the results you want. Dr. Ramanadham will go over your options, goals, and more to determine if you’re a good candidate for a variety of plastic surgery procedures.


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