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Preparing for a Breast Lift Before and After Surgery

Preparing For A Breast Lift Before And After Surgery

Breast lift before and after photos show the marvelous improvements this surgery can produce. In the “after” photos, breasts sit higher on the chest and are perkier, nipples point outward and not downward, areolae are often smaller, and the overall projection is more youthful and attractive.

Still, all of these great breast lift surgery benefits don’t happen overnight. Both on the part of the surgeon and the part of the patient, an immense amount of preparation must happen before outstanding results can be achieved.

Fortunately, if you’re a patient anticipating an upcoming breast lift surgery, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed our top tips for before and after breast lift preparation. After all, it’s important to prepare for the surgery itself, but you must also prepare for after surgery as well!

Let’s get started.

Preparation Tips for Before Breast Lift Patients

Get the most out of your consultation appointment.

At your consultation visit, it’s important to be prepared. Begin with the idea that you know nothing so that you can learn all there is to know about your proposed procedure. Breast lifts come with different options and different techniques, so find a surgeon who knows what they’re talking about and can explain your options in detail.

You’ll need to have your weight, skin, and general breast anatomy evaluated. Ideal candidates do not have serious medical conditions or disabilities that may disqualify them from surgery.

Naturally, patients should not be pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently trying for a pregnancy either. We encourage all patients to be at or near their ideal weight before surgery. You should not smoke prior to surgery.

Undergo the required medical tests.

Some patients may need to get some special medical tests before being cleared to undergo surgery. These may be necessary to help your surgeon achieve full confidence in your health for surgery or in order to determine a certain aspect of your surgery — such as what anesthesia or specific surgical technique will be used.

Know what to expect on the day of your surgery.

There’s nothing worse than being ill-prepared for the day of your operation. Be sure you know what is expected of you in terms of when to arrive, what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect upon returning home.

You should ideally wear loose, easy-to-dress-in clothing. This means button- or zip-down tops and loose-fitting, elastic waist pants for most people. Healing begins right after surgery, so you won’t have time to do anything but rest and relax right after your procedure.

Finally, be sure you have someone arranged to take you home from surgery. This should be a trusted family member or friend. Ideally, they’ll be able to stay on at your house for a bit to help you out as you adjust to the breast lift recovery time.

Preparation Tips for After Breast Lift Patients

Breast Lift Before And After Chest Workout FemaleReal patients of breast lift surgery know the importance of preparing for breast lift recovery. Like any recovery preparation, it’s important to create a list of specific goals and to execute them well in advance of your surgery.

After all, while you are sore, swollen, and worn out at the beginning of your recovery is no time to be researching wedge pillows online and figuring out how to get groceries delivered to your home. Search for your lost remotes and prepare healthy freezer meals now! Save yourself the trouble later on.

Here are some other tips to help you prepare for recovery after breast lift surgery:

  • Have entertainment at-the-ready: books, magazines, podcasts, music, movies, TV shows, games, and more.
  • Prepare a snacks basket: healthy snacks that are easy to open and eat, fruit like apples and bananas, vegetable sticks, bottled water, cheese, protein shakes and protein bars, jerky, yogurts, etc.
  • Set up a comfortable “zone” in your living room (or wherever you want to rest). Get yourself plenty of pillows, blankets, and other essentials like lip balm, tissues, and your phone charger!
  • Don’t be scared about asking for help. Friends and family are usually willing to lend a helping hand as you heal.

FAQ: Breast Lift Surgery

Why do breasts sag?

It’s different for everyone. It may be due to aging, weight fluctuations, breastfeeding, or a combination of these things. Some people simply have less substantial breast tissue, and they’re breasts may have sagged since their teens or 20s.

Can I combine breast lift surgery with other procedures?

Yes, breast lift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation (breast implant surgery), breast reduction surgery, liposuction, and many other plastic surgery procedures.

What kind of scars will I have after a breast lift?

Breast lift scars vary depending on what type of lift you need. You may have scars around the outer edge of your areolae, down the center bottom half of each breast, and/or along your breast crease (the inframammary fold).

Although almost all breast lift scars heal well, rarely, a patient will experience a keloid or raised scar. In this case, a scar revision treatment can usually be used to improve scar appearance. See a breast lift scar revision before and after gallery for examples of the breast lift results this procedure can achieve.

When can I exercise after a breast lift?

Although short daily walks are encouraged, you should avoid physical activity for at least three weeks. Once you’ve been cleared for exercise, search for breast lift before and after chest workout female if you want some options to get you started.

How much is a breast lift?

Breast lift cost is hard to estimate without a consultation appointment. Call today to request an appointment with Dr. Smita Ramanadham, board certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Book a Personal Consultation With Dr. Smita

Before And After Breast LiftCould you benefit from breast lift surgery? Discuss your goals and weigh your options at a plastic surgery consultation appointment with female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham.

And in the meantime, check out our website and blogs for more information on this and other plastic surgeries. Just remember that the information provided here is for a general audience. If you’re seriously interested in a breast lift, Dr. Smita can give you personalized information at your consultation.

Contact us today to set up your appointment!


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