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Signs You May Need a Breast Implant Revision

How do you know if you need a breast implant revision


Do you have sagging or uneven breasts despite having implants? Are your implants uncomfortable or do you wish they were smaller or larger? Are they causing you pain due to capsular contracture? Has one ruptured or started to leak?

All of these situations may warrant breast implant revision. This surgery (which is more common than you may think!) is typically simple and straightforward. We will remove your current implants and reinsert new ones based on your desired outcome.

It’s not uncommon for some patients who currently have implants to consider implant revision surgery but not be sure whether they actually need it. In fact, any time you are unhappy with your implants, breast implant revision is an option. But if you’re still on the fence about whether this procedure is right for you, here are some situations to consider wherein breast implant revision would be a very real option.

Before we get to these, however, let’s briefly go over the procedure itself.

What Is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision surgery is a plastic surgery to remove and replace breast implants. There are numerous reasons why patients may want to have their breast implants removed and replaced. We’ll get to these further on.

For now, one of the main points to drive home is that it’s absolutely possible to replace your implants. Some people mistakenly think that once they get implants, they have to keep them forever. Or, if they are ever unhappy with them, they may assume that they simply have to get them taken out and that’s it.

In fact, many patients have their implants removed and replaced over time. Tastes change, bodies change, sometimes medical issues come up, and there are certainly numerous reasons to undergo breast implant revision surgery.

Most breast implant revision surgeries are fairly straightforward. The old saline or silicone implants are removed (usually using the same incisions used for the first breast augmentation surgery). Scar tissue may be removed as well. The new implants replace the old ones. And the incisions are closed up.

Recovery is often similar to initial breast implant surgery recovery. Sometimes, it’s even easier because the breast tissue and muscles have already adjusted to implants.

Reasons You May Need Breast Revision Surgery

Why do breast implants need to be redone

1. You have an implant that has ruptured.

A saline or silicone implant rupture is unfortunately always possible. Saline ruptures and leaks are quite easy to detect because the implant will immediately deflate and the saline solution will be absorbed by the body. This means that the ruptured implant will be physically apparent right away.

Silicone implant ruptures are a bit more difficult to detect, which is why regular imaging tests are generally required with silicone implants. If a rupture is detected, the implant always needs to be removed. It can of course be replaced if the patient wants to keep their implants.

2. You were never happy with your primary breast augmentation outcome.

In rare cases, patients may undergo breast augmentation but never actually like the breast implants they were given. When this happens, it’s important to wait a certain duration of time so that the body can adjust to having implants in the first place and so that all wounds heal completely.

This can take up to six months or longer because swelling often lasts this long after initial breast augmentation surgery. But any time after the full recovery point, most patients are able to undergo implant removal and revision breast augmentation to alter the initial implants and create a result that is more to their liking.

3. You’re struggling with capsular contracture.

After you’ve had your breast surgery, your body will naturally form a capsule of scar tissue around your implants. Typically, these capsules are light and soft, and you can’t even tell they’re there.

Unfortunately, this sometimes isn’t the case, and instead of being light and soft, the scar tissue becomes thick, hard, and actually noticeable above the skin. Called capsular contracture, this condition can be painful and unsightly. Fortunately, breast augmentation revision can correct it.

4. You have health concerns.

In very rare cases, patients may present with symptoms related to breast implant illness (BII), which can be corrected by removing the breast implants. Symptoms are usually broad and include a range of possibilities from chronic fatigue and muscle and joint pain to depression, trouble sleeping, difficulty breathing, and loss of appetite.

5. You have cosmetic concerns.

Lastly, if you have concerns about the way your implants look, revision surgery is often the next step — anything from visible implant rippling due to overlying breast tissue that is too thin, to poor implant placement, drooping, or implant rotation.

Many patients also change their ideal breast size over time. In this case, aesthetic plastic surgery to alter your breast size, shape, or placement is always an option.

FAQ: Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Can I get my implants removed and get a breast lift instead?

Certainly. Some patients decide after a time that they no longer want implants in their body. Still, they desire an improved appearance to their breasts. The solution they land upon is often to have their implants removed and then a breast lift to give the breasts a refresh and a bit more perkiness.

How soon after my breast augmentation primary surgery can I get revision surgery?

Standard or routine procedure is to wait at least six to 12 months before allowing for breast implant revision surgery. This gives the body ample time to fully heal and adjust to having implants.

Where can I get breast implant revision near me?

Experienced board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs breast implant revision surgery for patients at her New Jersey practice. Call today to book a consultation.

Book a Consultation Appointment with Dr. Smita

If you’re unhappy with your current breast implants — for whatever reason — don’t feel you must continue living with breasts you don’t like.

Breast revision surgery is very similar to initial breast implant surgery. We can often use the same initial incisions and the same breast implant pocket as your previous breast augmentation. In fact, this can make recovery a bit easier for many patients.

To learn more about breast implant revision surgery, breast implant revision cost, revision recovery, and more, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham would be happy to meet with you to learn about your goals and discuss your options.


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