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Gynecomastia self-care: Top 3 Exercises

Gynecomastia self-care Top 3 Exercises

Gynecomastia, also known as male breast gland enlargement, is a constant frustration for many guys. Not only can it make some men feel self-conscious, but it can also be physically uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

For this reason, men with excess breast glandular tissue are usually highly motivated to know how to get rid of gynecomastia, and they turn to gynecomastia exercises for help. 

But can exercise actually improve gynecomastia?

The answer is: It depends. 

Can Gynecomastia Go Away With Exercise?

Many men want to know how to reduce gynecomastia naturally with diet and exercise. The problem is that true gynecomastia treatment involves male breast reduction surgery. 

This doesn’t mean that all men who have excess fullness in their breasts require aesthetic plastic surgery, however. There is a “pseudo-condition” called pseudogynecomastia as well. This is basically excess male breast tissue that may appear to be hormone related gynecomastia but that is actually just excess fat in the chest.

With pseudogynecomastia, exercises can play a big role in improving the appearance of the male chest and reducing the extra chest fat there. We should also note that in some cases with true gynecomastia, gynecomastia exercises may also help. However, there is a small hard lump located beneath each nipple with true gynecomastia, and when this is the case, exercise alone will not fix the problem.

Top 3 Type of Exercise for Gynecomastia 

As stated above, if you have actual gynecomastia, you will probably need surgery to correct it. However, gynecomastia exercises can indeed help in many cases. Furthermore, if you have pseudogynecomastia (fat in the chest), sprints lifting weights, and other exercises listed below should certainly help strengthen your pectoral muscles and burn fat as well.

  1. Push-ups 

A good old-fashioned push-up is one of the best things you can do to improve the strength of your chest muscles. It’s an excellent body weight exercise. You don’t need any equipment, you can do it anywhere, and once you start getting good at a few, you can simply add more to increase your stamina and strength of your chest muscles.

To perform a push-up, lay on the ground on your stomach, and place your hands flat on the ground next to your shoulders. Keeping your entire body in one even plane (head in line with neck, in line with spine, in line with knees and ankles), slowly lift yourself up until your elbows are locked.

Next, lower yourself back down until your body almost touches the ground and your elbows are at roughly right angles. This is one push-up.

  1. Bench presses

A bench press is a great exercise to strengthen you chest muscles. A bench press requires a barbell and weights and a bench. You’ll be laying on your back on the bench and holding the barbell over you at chest level. Place your hands approximately two to three feet apart on the bar with your arms outstretched. 

Slowly, begin to bring down the barbell toward your chest, allowing your elbows to lower down past your shoulders. Lower the bar until it almost touches your chest, and then push it straight back up again in a slow and steady manner. This is one bench press.

With bench presses, remember to always have a spotter if you are a beginner. Going to a gym to perform this exercise with help for the first time is a good idea. After several reps, your strength may deceive you, and you don’t want to become suddenly weak and have the bar fall on your chest or neck.

  1. Cardio exercises (to reduce overall body fat)

Exercise for GynecomastiaFinally, we recommend engaging in at least one form of cardio exercise at least two to three times per week. This is essentially for calorie burning fat reduction and can help you lose weight overall. 

Walking or jogging on a treadmill or doing an exercise video are great examples of easy gynecomastia exercises at home. You might also take up a sport like soccer, tennis, or volleyball, all of which will get your heart pumping and your body sweating — key ingredients for a good cardio workout.

Cardio is recommended for those with pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia because if you are overweight or obese, cardio burns fat and if you can reduce your overall body weight, any extra fullness in the breasts is bound to diminish.

Of course, in addition to cardio and the other strength training exercises listed above, it’s also important to consume a diet of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lots of water. If you are looking to lose weight from your entire body, consider counting calories.

FAQ: Gynecomastia Exercises

Can you self treat gynecomastia?

Weight loss, dieting, and exercising can reduce body fat, potentially decreasing the size of male breasts. Some men with gynecomastia who use these non-surgical treatments may achieve their desired changes.

How can I flatten my gynecomastia?

Pushups, butterflies, bench presses, and various other chest-targeting exercises can help reduce breast fat while also strengthening the pectoral muscles.

Can lifting weights help gynecomastia?

While you certainly can improve your physique and strength of your pectoral muscles through lifting weights, gynecomastia workout results vary. That is, exercise alone cannot cure most cases of actual gynecomastia, and surgery will most likely be required.  

What does stage 1 gyno look like?

Grade 1 gynecomastia is the mildest form of the condition, marked by a small enlargement of breast tissue typically concentrated around the areola. The breast tissue is not noticeable from a distance, and the chest’s overall contour remains unaffected.

How can I reduce gynecomastia quickly?

If it is only extra fat in your chest that you have, gynecomastia exercises such as those listed above can help. If you actually have gynecomastia, these exercises can help too. How quickly the exercises will take effect depends on your overall health, the extent of your gynecomastia, and your genetics.

There is no other way, aside from gynecomastia surgery, to reduce gynecomastia quickly. 

Should I workout chest if I have gyno?

Yes. If you want gynecomastia exercises to reduce fullness in your chest, do chest exercises such as bench presses and push-ups. Also, do some regular cardio, and reduce your calorie intake.Exercise For Gynecomastia

Will gynecomastia exercises get results?

Whether you have actual gynecomastia or pseudo gynecomastia exercises can help reduce body fat in the chest area and improve the overall appearance of your chest.

What is a good gynecomastia exercise and diet?

The best chest exercises for excess fat and fullness in the enlarged breast tissue include push-ups, bench presses, and various cardio exercises.

We also recommend consuming a healthy diet of veggies and fruits, lean meats and fish, healthy fats, and whole grains if you have gynecomastia. Losing weight if you are overweight or obese can produce significant results.

What should I do if my gynecomastia doesn’t go away with exercise?

If you do not see the results you are hoping for, gynecomastia surgery, otherwise known as male breast reduction surgery, is an option to consider.

Can gynecomastia go away with hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy can be used to treat gynecomastia. In rare cases, surgery may be required to remove the excess breast tissue.

Does gynecomastia increase testosterone production?

Gynecomastia results from decreased androgen responsiveness at the breast level and increased estrogen production due to elevated androgen precursors of estradiol and estrone. Androgen resistance at the pituitary gland leads to elevated serum LH levels and increased circulating testosterone.

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