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Breast Augmentation Montclair NJ

Breast Augmentation Montclair NJ

It’s not uncommon for women to express dissatisfaction with the size and projection of their breasts, which can be attributed to aging, dissatisfaction since puberty, or changes following childbirth or weight loss.

Luckily, breast augmentation offers a fantastic answer to all these prevalent issues.

Considering breast augmentation in Montclair NJ? Schedule your consultation with SR Plastic Surgery New Jersey today!

What is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, employs breast implants to enlarge breast size and redefine their projection and shape.

While some individuals pursue a breast augmentation procedure for cosmetic enhancement, others undergo it for reconstructive purposes after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Smita R. Ramanadham M.D. – Female Plastic Surgeon
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Smita R. Ramanadham, M.D, – Female Plastic Surgeon

As a native of New Jersey, Dr. Smita Ramanadham possesses a deep understanding of the unique goals of women and men in the New Jersey Area. After a successful academic career at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, she is thrilled to be back in her home state.

Dr. Ramanadham completed her training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX, which holds the top ranking for its plastic surgery program according to Doximity. Throughout her training, she had the opportunity to work closely with world-renowned experts.

She actively contributes as a valued member of The Aesthetic Society, a highly esteemed society that represents the most qualified group of aesthetic plastic surgeons. Additionally, she is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and values the chance to make a broader impact in the field of plastic surgery. Within the ASPS, she serves on multiple national committees, including Women Plastic Surgeons, Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, Social Media Subcommittee, Wellness Task Force, and Coding and Payment Policy Committee.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After

  • Breast Augmentation in Montclair NJ
  • Breast Implants Montclair NJ
  • Breast Augmentation Before and After Montclair NJ
  • Montclair NJ Breast Augmentation Before and After
  • Montclair NJ Breast Augmentation
  • Montclair NJ Breast Implants

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Candidate

    The ideal candidates for breast enhancement are individuals in good physical health with no significant medical concerns. It’s beneficial to be at or near your ideal body weight.

    Candidates should be non-smokers and not undergoing any medical treatments. As a safety precaution, women should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Moreover, maintaining realistic expectations about the surgical procedure is important.

    Breast Implants

    Understanding breast implant options is an important step when approaching breast enhancement surgery. 

    In addition to deciding upon the best implant size, shape, texture, and material for your breast implant surgery, it’s also important to consider implant insertion options (incision pattern options) and implant placement.

    Implant Types

    Most patients choose between saline or silicone implants. Saline breast implants are filled with sterile saltwater and have a silicone shell. 

    Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel and also have a silicone shell. Gummy bear breast implants, made of solid silicone gel, are another popular option.

    Note that there are pros and cons for every type of implant. For example, saline implant ruptures tend to be less worrisome because the liquid simply drains out of the breast implant pocket. A silicone breast implant rupture can be more serious, however, because it may not be noticeable for a long time.

    Implant Placement

    Breast implants can be placed either in front of the chest muscles (behind the breast tissue) or behind the chest muscles. There are benefits to both options.

    Often, those with less natural breast tissue opt for implants to be placed behind the chest muscles. Otherwise, the implants may be more visible beneath the skin.

    Selecting the Ideal Implant Size

    Whether you choose a saline implant or one made of silicone gel, you’ll need to also select your ideal size. 

    It’s important that your new implants match the goals you have for your new profile. Implants should match your height, build, and overall measurements. At your consultation and subsequent appointments, we will help you visualize various breast sizes and choose the right size for you.

    Implant Incision Types

    Breast implants must be inserted on or near the breasts. Patients have three main incision options when it comes to where we can insert your implants: around the areola, in the breast crease (inframammary fold), or in the underarm. 

    Breast skin and tissue is delicate, so it’s important to make precise incisions that are as small as possible. Ideally, not much scar tissue will form, and resulting scars will be hardly noticeable over time.

    Deciding on Implant Shape and Profile

    Breast Implant Shapes Montclair NJBreast implants come in round and teardrop shapes. Round breast implants are the same height all around when placed flat on a table. They can be smooth or textured breast implants, and they are frequently used for women who want more upper pole fullness. 

    Teardrop shaped implants have more fullness at the bottom. They are often seen as more “natural looking” because they mimic the natural shape of the breast. These implants are always textured so they do not rotate within the breast pocket.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    Every augmentation mammoplasty patient undergoes a distinct journey with their implant procedure, given that no two patients are exactly alike. However, most patients typically undergo the following steps during breast enhancement surgery:

    Anesthesia is administered first, followed by the creation of incisions. The insertion of implants then occurs, along with any required adjustments.

    Finally, the incisions are closed, and the patient is transferred to a recovery room.

    Breast Enhancement Recovery

    Recovery from breast augmentation surgery usuallyBreast Augmentation Recovery Montclair NJ lasts around one week. Patients will need to take time off from work or school beforehand and arrange for someone to take them home after surgery. Rest, relaxation, and plenty of sleep are all necessary for a successful recovery. 

    The first day, you will feel tired, sore, and groggy. The first few days are the most uncomfortable. Pain medication is usually only necessary for this initial period, however.

    Other common recovery symptoms include swelling and bruising. Full recovery usually takes around two months or longer. At this point, most patients can return to their normal routine, including exercise.

    Breast Augmentation Cost Montclair NJ

    Plastic surgeons charge for their care based on their experience, training, expertise, and work demand. As a rule, surgeons in cities and urban areas charge more.

    What type of anesthesia you have for your surgery, how long you are in the operating room, where you have surgery (hospital, surgical facility, etc.), and whether you have any additional procedures such as liposuction performed will all impact cost. The price of your breast implants themselves is another consideration.

    Breast Augmentation Scars

    Breast augmentation scars will appear wherever your plastic surgeon makes incisions. Again, these incisions may be made in three different patterns. 

    First, you may have incisions made around both areolae. Next, you may have incisions in the inframammary folds (breast crease below each breast). Or, you may have incisions made within the armpits. 

    Each incision pattern has its own pros and cons. Incisions tend to heal very well after surgery. Scars will be bright pink or red at first and slightly raised, but they should fade significantly and flatten in the months and years to come.

    Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQ

    Below are the most common questions we receive about breast enlargement surgery:

    What is a breast lift vs augmentation?

    A breast lift gets rid of excess skin and lifts the breasts higher up on the chest wall to create a more youthful projection. Breast augmentation procedures use saline breast implants or silicone implants to increase breast volume. 

    Can you get natural breast augmentation?

    Some patients prefer fat transfer breast augmentation to using silicone or saline implants because the former is more natural. Fat transfer augmentation (fat grafting) takes unwanted fat from places like the stomach or thighs and relocates it to the breasts to add volume.

    What are the biggest breast augmentation risks?

    Augmentation mammoplasty complications are rare, but it’s important to know the risks when undergoing any type of surgery. Some risks include persistent breast pain, ongoing bruising or bleeding, infection, or fluid buildup. 

    Other complications to be aware of over time include breast implant illness (BII), skin rippling, implant rupture or leaking, capsular contracture, breast cancer (specifically Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or BIA-ALCL), or the need for breast augmentation revision. 

    Where can I get breast augmentation near me?

    Always look for a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants and augmentation. Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs this breast surgery at her New Jersey practice. 

    What is the breast enhancement death rate?

    All surgical procedures come with risks and potential complications. Augmentation mammoplasty is an overall safe surgery, and only rarely do problems occur. Your board certified plastic surgeon will discuss the major risks with you at your consultation.

    Is working out after breast augmentation safe?

    Yes, but not right away. Light exercise is generally okay after about a week or two of recovery. But always wait for clearance from your surgeon, and go slowly. 

    Should I get augmentation surgery after breastfeeding?

    Many women find that breastfeeding babies can cause volume loss in their breasts. Cosmetic surgery and silicone gel implants or other breast implants can certainly help restore your pre-baby boobs. 

    Breast Augmentation Consultation

    Every breast enhancement journey starts with a consultation appointment. It’s important to find a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in augmentation mammoplasty

    Female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs a wide selection of plastic surgery procedures at her New Jersey practice.

    Find out more about breast procedures, mommy makeover surgery, breast reduction, and tummy tuck surgery to name a few. To book a consultation with Dr. Ramanadham, please call (732) 307-7221 today. 


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