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How Long Do You Have to Wait for Revision Rhinoplasty?

How Long Do You Have To Wait For Revision Rhinoplasty

Many board-certified plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging facial plastic surgery procedures for many reasons. Even a facelift doesn’t often present the same challenges as procedures on the nose.

The nose is a complex structure in the middle of the face, and the best rhinoplasty procedure requires the surgeon to correct nasal deformities while preserving function. The only way to provide outstanding aesthetic results in rhinoplasty is by optimizing the function of the nasal airways.

If you consider revision rhinoplasty in New Jersey, you probably want to know more about it, such as how long you should wait after having your first procedure. Please continue reading to learn more about this procedure.

Why Patients Opt For Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients who are considering revision rhinoplasty usually challenge the skills and experience of many plastic surgeons. Revision rhinoplasty may be performed on patients who have undergone a primary rhinoplasty at least once before.

For whatever reason, the patient is dissatisfied with the result of their primary rhinoplasty and wants improvements in the look and sometimes the function of the nose with a secondary rhinoplasty. Most board-certified surgeons provide outstanding results with this surgical procedure, but it’s well known that revision rhinoplasty is among the most challenging cases surgeons face due to the delicate nature of the nasal bones.

First, the patient comes into the office dissatisfied with their first rhinoplasty surgery. Sometimes, they may not understand that additional surgery may not correct the cosmetic issues that were not fixed the first time or occurred from the reconstructive surgery.

Scar tissue from an earlier rhinoplasty may be a problem in the revision case because it might happen again after the revision rhinoplasty. Also, revision rhinoplasty may require using cartilage grafts to replace deficient or damaged cartilage from the last procedure.

The patient may have a deviated nasal septum, which requires improvement to improve both appearance and function. Nasal obstruction can happen if the nasal tip cartilage collapses and damages the external valve.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Revision rhinoplasty may require additional cartilage for structural support for the nasal tip or bridge of your nose. Septal cartilage may be inadequate, and the plastic surgeon may need to harvest cartilage from the ear or rib.

Soft tissue issues around the nose bridge, tip and upper lateral cartilages also may need additional tissue that behaves as natural filler that provides a permanent solution.

Scarring in the nose may require skin grafts to open narrowed nasal airways.

It’s important to remember that there is a higher revision rate for revision rhinoplasty even with a surgeon’s best efforts. It’s critical to know this because no ethical surgeon can guarantee the outcome of this revision procedure.

If you want to have revision rhinoplasty, it’s essential to check that your board-certified plastic surgeon has years of experience with this type of procedure. Surgeons experienced in rhinoplasty are more likely to do revision cases, which may lead to better results.

How Long To Wait For Rhinoplasty Revision?

The best revision rhinoplasty surgeon will tell you the first thing to do after an unsuccessful nasal surgery is to wait. Your nose must heal from the previous surgery before trying to do anything else. This means you should wait a minimum of 12 months before attempting another rhinoplasty.

During this period, your nose will continue to change as the swelling fades; what you think could be a problem with function or aesthetics could resolve on its own after several months.

However, if you continue to have problems after one year, please schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a candidate for revision rhinoplasty.

It can be too soon to set up your revision rhinoplasty, but the good news is it’s rarely too late! Some surgeons have had patients come back years after their first procedure to have aesthetic changes.

For example, an older patient may have chosen an aesthetic correction in their 30s but may come back to fix functional problems due to aging. As we age, changes in the soft tissue structure and cartilage can lead to nasal obstructions. Revision rhinoplasty can address, for example, a droopy nasal tip and give you a younger profile.

Don’t Overdo It

Rhinoplasty Revision SurgeryOccasionally, several revision rhinoplasty surgeries may be needed to create a particular look or to provide full nasal functionality.

But the revision rhinoplasty patient should remember that with each revision procedure, the chances for complications rise. It’s challenging to perform a revision rhinoplasty on a nose that does not have much of the original nose structure.

Also, each procedure alters the shape of the cartilage in the nose, which can cause the growth of scar tissue.

If you want revision rhinoplasty, talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon about it, and he or she can recommend the best path forward.

Questions and Answers

Is a revision rhinoplasty worth it?

Unsatisfied with your rhinoplasty? Consider revision surgery for improved results. Select a board-certified specialist, manage expectations for achievable outcomes.

Is a revision rhinoplasty worth it?

Revision rhinoplasty costs more due to increased complexity. Specialized surgeons charge for expertise. Prioritize specialists for optimal results.

Will insurance cover a revision rhinoplasty?

Typically, insurance adheres to standard payments for medically necessary procedures. Therefore, insurance often covers revision rhinoplasty for obstructed airways or initial rhinoplasty addressing upper respiratory issues.

How long is the revision procedure?

Generally, it is approximately 3 hours.

Request A Rhinoplasty Revision Consultation

Considering a rhinoplasty revision? Dr. Smita. R. Ramanadham of SR Plastic Surgery New Jersey can help you obtain the results you want. Dr. Ramanadham will go over your options, goals, and more to determine if you’re a good candidate for a rhinoplasty revision surgery.


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