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Tips for Finding the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Tips For Finding The Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Looking for the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the New Jersey area?

If you require revision rhinoplasty, it’s more important than ever to choose a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon you can trust. This surgery can not only be more challenging than primary rhinoplasty, but each time you undergo an additional rhinoplasty procedure, the operation only becomes more and more complex.

Below, we’ve outlined some key tips to help you find the best surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty procedure. Use this as a guide while you conduct your search and assemble a short list of possible surgeons.

How to Find the Best Rhinoplasty Revision Surgeon

1. Consider whether you want to choose the same surgeon who performed your primary surgery.

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon In USAEvery revision rhinoplasty patient is different. Some rhinoplasty patients may be quite happy with the surgeon who performed their initial surgery and will want that same surgeon to simply make some adjustments.

This can certainly be advantageous in some ways because the surgeon who performed your initial rhinoplasty procedure will know the anatomy of your nose, your goals, and other important things about you as a patient more than a brand-new surgeon.

On the other hand, many revision rhinoplasty patients are unhappy with the surgeon who performed their initial rhinoplasty surgery because they didn’t like the outcome. This usually means that they are going to seek out a brand-new surgeon.

How you handle this decision really depends on your personal feelings and goals on the matter. Also note that some surgeons who are compelled to perform revision rhinoplasty will do so at a lower price, which is another thing to keep in mind.

2. Only go with plastic surgeons who are board certified.

Revision rhinoplasty should only be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Board certification ensures that a plastic surgeon has undergone the extensive training and education required for their specific areas of practice.

In order to achieve board certification, surgeons must undergo many hours of intensive training and complete both oral and written exams.

3. Ensure your surgeon specializes in revision rhinoplasty surgery.

While both procedures have the aim of making the nose appear more attractive and in line with the patient’s goals, primary rhinoplasty (the initial rhinoplasty procedure performed on a patient) and revision rhinoplasty are actually quite different.

Most notably, revision surgery (secondary rhinoplasty) requires more skill, more time, and a different level of training. Often, the patient already has some scar tissue, and their aims may be very specific and nuanced. This translates to a more complex procedure, so you want to be sure that your surgeon has the qualifications and skills necessary to achieve success.

4. Take a look at their revision rhinoplasty before and after photos.

After an adequate rhinoplasty revision recovery period, surgeons will usually take “after” photos of their patients. Because these photos often reveal the patient’s identity (because they naturally must be taken of the face), you may have to ask to view them in-office as opposed to online.

Still, this is a good way to gain an understanding of your surgeon’s abilities. Simply see if you like the way the surgeon achieved the patient’s goals for their revision. Most photos will come with a caption explaining the patient’s previous rhinoplasty and what they hoped to achieve with revision nose surgery.

FAQ: Revision Rhinoplasty

How much is revision rhinoplasty?

Nasal surgery cost depends on what your goals are, what the scope of your procedure is, who your surgeon is, where (geographically) you get surgery, and several other factors.

In addition, when it comes to corrective surgery, remember that your revision rhinoplasty cost may be higher than the cost of your initial procedure. This is because revision rhinoplasty is more complex than initial rhinoplasty surgery. It requires more challenging techniques and an additional set of skills that not all rhinoplasty surgeons possess.

Who is the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the world?

There really is no way to say who the best rhinoplasty revision surgeon in the world is — let alone the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in USA. After all, this procedure and its outcomes can be subjective. All patients have a different idea of what they want from their surgery, and surgeons, too, have their own aesthetic appreciations.

We recommend finding a board certified surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty in your area. Book a consultation appointment with them, look over their revision rhinoplasty before and after photos, and talk with them about your options. Dr. Smita Ramanadham is a female board certified plastic surgeon who performs revision rhinoplasty in the New Jersey area.

Call to Book a Consultation Today

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon In The WorldFacial plastic surgery is one of the more complex practice areas in the world of plastic surgery.

Especially when choosing a revision rhinoplasty surgeon to correct issues from a previous surgery, it’s very important to take your time and find a quality professional. Always select a board certified facial plastic surgeon with specific experience performing rhinoplasty reconstructive surgery.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham performs revision rhinoplasty to correct nasal shape issues, nasal tip problems, breathing difficulties (breathing problems), and other issues caused or exacerbated by a previous procedure.

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