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Should BBL Cost Influence Your Choice of Surgeon?

Should BBL Cost Influence Your Choice Of Surgeon

Every year, tens of thousands of prospective patients walk into a plastic surgery offices and ask about BBL cost. It’s one of the most common questions we receive regarding Brazilian butt lifts. And, naturally, we understand why.

With costs rising across the country, Americans are more concerned about money than ever. Of course, this doesn’t stop any of us from being concerned about our looks too.

The resulting tension, however, is that many patients who desperately desire Brazilian butt lift surgery, but are also concerned about money, will end up choosing a plastic surgeon with a less-than-stellar reputation — just because their BBL surgery cost estimate is low. Some patients even make the dangerous decision to choose a surgeon who is not board certified or someone who has no experience performing BBL surgery.

In this article, we’ll explore why choosing plastic surgeons who have the right credentials and experience is so important. A Brazilian butt lift procedure can achieve amazing results, but you need a qualified surgeon first.

Before we go over credentials and what to look for, however, let’s describe what a Brazilian butt lift actually entails.

What Is a BBL?

Whether you’re a woman who’s gone through multiple pregnancies, a man who’s recently lost a lot of weight, or anyone else who simply wasn’t born with waist-hip proportions they’re happy with, BBLs can be totally transformative.

The fat transfer surgery is fairly straightforward.

First, liposuction is used to draw out excess fat from the stomach (and sometimes elsewhere). This unwanted fat is then processed and purified. Finally, your surgeon re-injects your own fat into the buttocks and hip area.

It is your surgeon’s expertise and artistic eye that will help you achieve optimal proportions and an attractive new figure. Injecting too much fat in one area, or not enough in another, can cause uneven, lumpy, and unnatural-looking results.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your BBL Surgery

How Much Does A BBL CostMost qualified surgeons can perform BBL surgery with a very high likelihood of success. They have the qualifications and training, they are board-certified, they’ve performed this surgery many times before, and they know how to monitor your fat grafting recovery and results to ensure a great outcome.

However, issues can happen with this and any other type of surgery. And these issues are far more likely to occur when an under-qualified (or even non-qualified) surgeon is performing the surgery — sometimes, frighteningly, at an unaccredited surgical facility.

These are sometimes called “bargain BBLs”, and they are not only bad because they can result in botched BBL results, but they can also put your health and well-being at risk.

How to Spot (and Avoid) a “Bargain BBL”: Signs to Look For

Don’t let cost alone determine who your plastic surgeon is. Look out for these red flags:

  • Non-established “pop-up” facilities
  • Providers who are not board certified plastic surgeons
  • Extremely low prices, far lower than prices quoted by board certified plastic surgeons
  • Few, if any, reviews by past patients —or— reviews that appear fake or too good to be true
  • No before and after BBL photos
  • A sketchy, dirty, or non-professional looking surgical facility and practice office
  • No post-operative follow up appointments offered

How Much Does a BBL Cost?

We always recommend booking a consultation appointment to get an accurate estimate on the overall cost of any cosmetic surgery, including butt augmentation. Most patients want to know the exact cost before scheduling a consultation for a BBL procedure. But because the cost of a Brazilian butt lift can vary so widely, there’s really no reliable way to give a one-size-fits-all answer.

FAQ: Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

How much do BBL cost ranges vary across the country?

Typically, the cost of any cosmetic procedure will vary based on geographic location. In major cities and urban areas, cosmetic procedures like Brazilian buttock augmentation are usually more expensive. Of course, generally speaking, some of the best plastic surgeons live and work in these areas.

Can You combine a BBL with other procedures?

Yes, sometimes. It really depends on the potential physical limitations during recovery. During Brazilian butt lift recovery, patients cannot put pressure on their buttock area. This means they need to lay on their stomachs to sleep and rest.

However, with breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery, for example, patients aren’t allowed to lay on their stomachs to avoid compromising their results. Therefore, these types of surgeries may not be able to be combined in the same operation.

How long does a BBL last?

Most Brazilian butt lift patients can maintain their BBL results for many years. However, beware that you must maintain a relatively stable weight, especially after any type of fat transfer procedure. Otherwise, fat growth may compromise your outcome.

Patients are encouraged to look at Brazilian butt lift before and after photos to see examples of Brazilian butt lift results after one or more years. This is also a good idea for understanding potential BBL scars (rare) and what your overall results could look like.

How much does a skinny BBL cost?

Your skinny Brazilian butt lift cost can sometimes be just as much as with typical BBL surgery. This is simply because many of the costs (number of appointments, duration of surgery, anesthetic requirements, recovery garments, medications, etc.) will be the same. However, it depends on your surgeon and other factors, so book a consultation appointment to know for sure.

Schedule a BBL Consultation With Dr. Smita

BBL Surgery CostIf you’ve never undergone plastic surgery procedures — or even a small cosmetic surgery like Botox — before, the entire experience can feel daunting. The good news is, you’re doing the right thing right now by researching your options.

Brazilian butt lift surgery is overall safe and almost always highly effective and long-lasting for patients. But this high probability of success is contingent on patients choosing plastic surgeons who are totally qualified and experienced performing fat transfer procedures.

Dr. Smita Ramanadham is a female board certified plastic surgeon practicing in East Brunswick and Montclair NJ. The safety and well-being of Dr. Smita’s patients is her number one concern — rivaled only by her desire to meet and exceed her patients’ expectations. She has extensive experience performing Brazilian butt lifts.

To learn more about BBL surgery with Dr. Smita, and the other plastic surgery procedures she performs, please call our office today to set up a consultation appointment.


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