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What to Look for in BBL Before and After Photos

BBL Before And After

BBL before and after photos can look so good. In fact, sometimes they look too good.

And this is why it’s important to know exactly what to look for when browsing these galleries prior to surgery. While many of the before and after BBL results you’ll see will certainly be real and untouched, there are certain things you should specifically look for in order to narrow in on the truly authentic before and after BBL pictures.

Likewise, it can be helpful to know what to look for in order to help you select the right surgeon for your BBL. Before and after photos can say a lot about the skill and experience of a given surgeon.

What to Look for in BBL Before and Afters

Lighting and Angle Consistency

First, pay attention to the lighting and angles. A good plastic surgeon will ensure that both the before and after images are taken under similar conditions. This allows for a more accurate depiction of their results. If you notice inconsistent lighting or odd, varying angles, this is a red flag because it may distort the appearance of the improvements made.

Consistency in Backgrounds and Settings

Consistent backgrounds are also necessary for accurate evaluations of BBL before and afters. Reputable plastic surgeons maintain a professional approach when taking their photos. That is, they will ensure that they are taken in a standardized environment.

The lighting should be natural and similar in both the before and after photos as well. Odd shadows or bright lights can change the appearance of outcomes. Consistency enhances the reliability of the results.

Natural and Symmetrical Results

Look for natural and symmetrical results in the “after” photos. A proficient plastic surgeon strives to enhance the patient’s body contours while maintaining a balanced and harmonious look overall. Naturally, you want to see symmetry of the hips and buttocks and proportions that complement the rest of the patient’s body.

Attention to Detail in Contouring

Next, focus on the details of the contouring. Shaping and sculpting with fat grafting can be challenging and requires an artistic eye for detail. Look for smooth transitions and contours that complement the natural curves of the patient’s body.

Non-Noticeable Scarring

The best plastic surgeons employ specialized techniques to minimize scarring. Incisions should be strategically placed to achieve discreet, well-hidden scars. In the “after” photos, minimal scarring is indicative of a surgeon’s attention to detail.

Diverse Patients

Lastly, it’s a good sign to see that a plastic surgeon has performed BBLs on a diverse range of patients. Seeing both male and female patients of varying ages, builds, and skin types shows that they have the ability to tailor BBL procedures to individual needs and achieve satisfying outcomes across various individuals.

FAQ: Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

What does a BBL cost?

Brazilian butt lift costs vary depending on multiple factors. This can make it difficult to provide an accurate cost estimate that works for everyone.

From your surgeon’s fees and your anesthesiologist’s fees, to the geographic location where you have surgery and the surgical facility (or hospital) you choose, there are many variables. The easiest way to get a quote you can feel confident with is to book a consultation appointment.

What should I do before and after BBL?

BBL Before And After LaserBefore your BBL procedure, ensure you have received adequate leave time from work or school and have prepared your home for your recovery. Enlist a family member or trusted friend to bring you home from surgery.

After your Brazilian butt lift, rest and relax. Get plenty of sleep, eat a nutritious diet, and drink plenty of water. Do not exercise or lift anything heavy for at least a few weeks.

You may need to wear a compression garment, and you’ll also need to refrain from putting pressure on your buttocks or hips. Follow all of your surgeon’s recovery guidelines.

Can men get a Brazilian butt lift?

Yes, both men and women can and do undergo Brazilian butt lift surgery. To help you see your potential BBL results if you are a male, when looking at before and after pictures filter cases by male female (gender).

Will I have a BBL scar?

Because BBLs are a type of fat transfer procedure, liposuction is required, and liposuction requires small incisions.

Over the first 3 to 6 weeks of your BBL recovery, these incisions should close nicely. This will result in some scarring, but it should be minimal. Most BBL incisions only need to be large enough to accommodate a liposuction cannula. As they heal, you will likely only have small dot-like scars that will fade with time.

Request a Consultation With Dr. Smita

Before And After BBL PicturesA Brazilian butt lift can do outstanding things for your figure. With just one surgery, a patient can slim their waist, reduce fat on their thighs or flanks (love handles), and add volume to their buttocks and hips. A smaller abdomen and larger buttock can create a beautiful hourglass figure or simply fill out hip dips and provide more balance.

Female board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Smita Ramanadham is skilled and experienced at performing BBLs for the patients who come to her New Jersey practice. If you would like to learn more about improving your appearance with a fat grafting procedure like Brazilian butt lift surgery, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ramanadham.


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