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Will BBL Scars Fade With Time?

Will BBL Scars Fade With Time

A good plastic surgeon is very concerned about making your sure your BBL scars are hardly noticeable after recovery. They will be very aware of not only how large the incisions they make are, but where those incisions are located — placing them only in discreet locations so as not to be highly visible in virtually any type of clothing.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing what scars from BBL surgery look like, how BBL surgery scars fade, and how to get rid of BBL scars.

What Do BBL Scars Look Like?

In order to know what BBL scars look like, we must first review what a Brazilian butt lift procedure actually involves.

A BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is a cosmetic surgery that aims to add volume to the buttocks area, usually to achieve an hourglass figure. Although both men and women can undergo Brazilian butt lift surgery, more women than men choose this operation in order to enhance their natural lines and create curves where they don’t naturally have them. It is often included in mommy makeover procedures for women.

The actual surgery itself involves liposuction first (to remove excess body fat from the waist or other areas). Then, a fat transfer takes place in which the removed fat is relocated to the buttocks region.

The scars that results from surgery will be the result of the liposuction portion. Fortunately, because liposuction causes only minimal scarring, this means that you’ll have little visible scarring overall.

Liposuction Scars

BBL Surgery ScarsLiposuction requires incisions to be made so that your plastic surgeon can insert a very thin metal tube called a cannula into those incisions. The cannula is the tool that suctions out the excess fat. Fortunately, because the diameter of most cannulas is extremely small, only a few very small, dot-like incisions need to be made for each liposuction area.

Where your liposuction scars are located will depend on where you undergo liposuction. Again, the majority of patients will have liposuction performed on the abdomen. For women, this can give the look of an hourglass figure by reducing volume in the waist and adding it to the hips.

But liposuction can really be performed anywhere on the body. Depending on the area, your surgeon will look for discreet areas in creases, folds, or places typically hidden by clothes and underwear.

Appearance of BBL Scars Right After Surgery

Directly after surgery, as you begin your BBL recovery journey, any scars you have will be bright red or pink and slightly raised. Your surgeon will have made at least one small stitch at each incision point to close it up. Swelling and some bruising may be present around the incisions.

Appearance of Healed BBL Scars

Once healed — as long as the scars are being well taken care of — BBL scars often appear as a faded pink or mauve color for at least several months. This depends on your individual skin, however.

As time goes on and scar tissue continues to form, most scars will fade to a shade that is lighter than the skin around it. Those with darker skin may have scars darker than their natural skin, but the overall pigment should still fade and flatten to match the surrounding skin.

Tips for Getting Rid of Brazilian Butt Lift Scars

Do not strain your incision sites.

Do not exercise, stretch, or otherwise strain your incision sites. This could cause the incisions to reopen, or it may create larger-than-necessary scars.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions.

All post-op instructions are created both for your safety and to ensure good results. Follow all of your surgeon’s directives as closely as possible to ensure proper scar healing.

Tell your surgeon right away if poor scar healing occurs.

If you notice your scar is raised, oddly colored, or otherwise not healing well, tell your surgeon as soon as possible. The sooner you can remedy poorly healing scars, the better. Check out BBL before and after pictures to see how your scar should look.

Stay out of the sun.

Even if you have clothes over your incision sites, wear sunscreen as you recover from your BBL. Sun exposure to new BBL scars can cause hyper-pigmentation.

Use silicone sheets or topical gels.

Silicone has been clinically shown to reduce the appearance of BBL scars over time.

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated will help moisturize your skin from the inside out, keeping your scar tissue and the surrounding skin supple and soft.

Track your scar progress.

Over time, your scars will start to fade, but unless you take specific BBL scars pictures, you may not notice. Start tracking your progress with pictures at the beginning of the healing process, and watch those spots improve in appearance over time.

FAQ: Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery and the Recovery Process

How much does a BBL cost?

BBL cost is difficult to configure until you meet one-on-one with a plastic surgeon. Only they can examine your body and give you a cost estimate after discussing your goals and candidacy with you.

Will a Brazilian butt lift work if I don’t have excess fat?

A Brazilian butt lift works as long as you have at least some excess body fat to undergo a BBL. If you are extremely thin with little to no excess body fat that could be removed with liposuction, you may not be a proper candidate for this surgery.

Is a Brazilian butt lift worth it?

Fat grafting procedures such as BBLs are becoming increasingly popular because of the stunning results they can create.

If you were not born with an hourglass figure, it’s difficult to achieve one without this surgery. Furthermore, because the Brazilian butt lift technique uses your own body fat, the procedure is also natural. For most patients who desire BBL results, it is worth it.

What is BBL recovery like?

Scars From BBLThe healing process after Brazilian butt lift BBL surgery can be a challenge for some, but patients still overwhelmingly say it’s worth it. You cannot sit comfortably for a while post-BBL because you cannot apply direct pressure to your buttocks (it may deter proper circulation and survival of the newly transferred fat cells).

There will also be some discomfort, swelling, and bruising during the healing process. Patients may be required to wear compression garments over liposuction areas.

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