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Will I Still Have Results From My BBL After 10 Years?

Will I Still Have Results From My BBL After 10 Years

When undergoing a Brazilian butt lift surgery (also known as a BBL), many patients want to know how long their results are going to last. This is a major concern because BBL surgery is a significant financial investment, and it can also be challenging to endure physically.

The procedure itself requires general anesthesia and results in some pain and soreness. In addition, during the recovery process, patients must make sure not to put pressure on their buttocks and hips, which can be quite difficult.

Fortunately, the good news is that a BBL after 10 years, five years, or even 15 years in many cases, can still look great.

How Long Do BBL Results Last?

Results from this surgery typically last for up to ten years before patients start thinking about revision surgery. Still, this is contingent on the age of the patient, their overall health, how much fat is transferred, how well the patient maintains their weight and a healthy lifestyle, and other important factors.

What Impacts How Long Your BBL Lasts?

Your surgeon’s technique

Technique is everything when it comes to BBL surgery. Your Brazilian butt lift BBL surgeon will need to know exactly where to remove excess fat cells from on your body and where and how much to reinject that fat on your buttocks and hips.

If their technique is not right, to begin with, you may find that your BBL results are lumpy, uneven, inadequate, or otherwise unsatisfactory. And this makes positive longterm results basically impossible.

How much transferred fat you get

Every patient is different when it comes to BBL surgery. Some patients want to transfer a significant amount of fat and really boost the size of their buttocks and hips. Other patients only want a modest amount of fat transferred — to correct hip dips, for example, or give a little more projection to the buttocks.

The more fat you get transferred, the more significant results you’ll have, and these will probably last a bit longer as well.

Whether the transferred fat cells survive

The amount of fat cells that survive the fat transfer BBL process will really make a difference when it comes to your longterm BBL results. After your BBL procedure, if all or most of the injected fat “survives”, you’ll have a better chance of achieving longterm results.

Unfortunately, some patients may only have some of their fat survive the transfer process. This means that they won’t likely achieve their initial results, and it’s unlikely that they’ll experience long-term results either.

How well you follow your BBL surgery recovery instructions

Following BBL surgery, you’ll need to closely follow the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon. This means avoiding strenuous exercise, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a stable and healthy weight, maintaining a healthy blood supply to the newly transferred fat on your buttocks and hips (keeping the pressure off), and trying not to gain weight despite being rather sedentary for a while.

The better you follow these instructions, the more likely it will be that you’ll maintain your BBL results for a long time.

BBL after 10 years pictures

BBL after 10 years pictures

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your BBL

Choose the right surgeon.

First, make sure your fat transfer procedure is being performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive and ongoing experience performing successful BBL surgeries.

Be at a stable weight to begin with.

Before any major cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will want to know that you’re at a stable healthy body weight.

You don’t have to be super slim or at your lowest possible weight. But you should be at a stable weight that you are happy with, in part because gaining or losing too much weight after surgery could significantly alter your results.

Follow your recovery instructions.

During the healing process, following your Brazilian butt lift procedure recovery guidelines is of the utmost importance.

Avoid strenuous exercise and eat nutritious meals full of veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Ensure proper blood flow by taking short walks when cleared by your surgeon. Finally, make sure you’re keeping the pressure off your buttocks to ensure that the newly transferred fat cells survive.

Lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

Patients with great healthy lifestyle maintaining habits do the best in terms of overall health and long-lasting BBL results. As always, a healthy balanced diet, plenty of water, lots of regularFat transfer BBL after 10 years exercise, and avoiding significant weight gain and weight fluctuations are keys to success.

FAQ: BBL Results

What will my butt look like 10 years after a BBL?

This varies from patient to patient, but we invite you to check out some BBL after 10 years pictures online (or search “before BBL after 10 years”). Patients who take good care of their bodies find that their BBL results can last for many years (up to ten or sometimes more) before deterioration and signs of aging cause significant changes.

Is 40 too old for a BBL?

Not at all. Many patients are in their 40s when they get a BBL. This procedure simply rearranges the fat on your body, which can be done on most healthy adults. the majority of patients are between the ages of 18 and their mid-50s.

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